Emergency and livelihoods assistance for the most vulnerable displaced populations in Afar region

Ethiopia Livelihoods
May 2023
May 2024

Acted will aim at addressing the most immediate food security and livelihoods needs of 1,260 highly vulnerable and conflict-affected IDP, returnee and host community households (7,650 individuals) in Abala, Berhale (Zone 2) and Yallo, Gullina and Awra (Zone 4) Woredas in the Afar Region. Acted will support them through Condition and Unconditional Cash Transfers to improve their purchasing power and providing them with immediate/emergency relief to cope with shocks and address their immediate livelihoods needs. Acted’s intervention will also be rooted in its global THRIVE flagship approach. Specifically, Acted will provide vulnerable households with immediate opportunities for income generation through cash for work that are integrated farming and agricultural works. Furthermore, Acted will provide opportunities for highly vulnerable households to develop their livelihoods at the households and communal levels through farmer field schools and the provision of perma-gardens to support food insecure households to build subsistence level food production whilst building more sustainable food security mechanisms for medium-term food security.

Current projects

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Emergency and livelihoods assistance for the most vulnerable displaced populations in Afar region
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