ACTED responds to the humanitarian needs of displaced and host populations who are particularly vulnerable in Niger, notably due to the conflict in the Tri-border area (Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger) and the Lake Chad crisis. Present in Niger since 2010, ACTED teams intervene in the regions of Tillabéry, Diffa and Maradi to provide an emergency response to the crises and carry out resilience activities to support the recovery of vulnerable populations. Since 2010, ACTED has assisted close to one million beneficiaries in the framework of its various projects.

Mission Context

Niger faces a precarious humanitarian situation and an unstable security context. On the one hand, the country is experiencing structural crises, such as chronic food and nutritional insecurity, droughts and floods; and on the other hand, security crises leading to significant population movements. These displaced persons, present in the regions of Diffa, Maradi and Tillabéry, are particularly vulnerable, while their presence weighs on pre-existing basic services and natural resources.

ACTED in Niger

ACTED has been present in Niger since 2010 and is mobilized alongside the most vulnerable populations affected by the crises, in order to provide a response to their basic needs while reinforcing their resilience capacities.

In the regions of Tillabéry and Diffa, ACTED provides access to water and sanitation to IDPs and host communities and distributes shelter kits and non-food items. Sensitization sessions on good hygiene practices help prevent the outbreak of epidemics. Infrastructure maintenance is also organized to ensure the sustainability of the infrastructure.

In parallel, ACTED aims at reinforcing the economic resilience of the most vulnerable by training and supporting the beneficiaries of its projects in the launch of income-generating activities. ACTED promotes agricultural revival by introducing farmers to new techniques and providing them with agricultural inputs.

ACTED, 2017
In order to help the most vulnerable, ACTED conducted literacy sessions for the communities
ACTED, 2017
Before launching their income-generating activities, all project beneficiaries receive comprehensive training, including basic accounting skills
As part of the monthly food distributions, ACTED beneficiaries are also trained in good nutritional practices
ACTED, 2017
In order to improve access to water in the Diffa region, ACTED teams are equipping a solar panel borehole to increase drinking water distribution capacity
ACTED, 2017
Water Trucking covered the water supply at the Kidjandi site, which has 30,000 displaced people
ACTED, 2017
A total of 1,400 households (approximately 4,900 people) were provided with emergency shelters

ACTED has recently positioned itself in Niger as a major actor of the RRM which allows to respond to the urgent needs of populations displaced for less than three months. ACTED operates mainly in its WASH component and the distribution of shelter kits and non-food items. As co-facilitator of the WASH cluster, ACTED is a key actor in the development of the WASH strategy in Niger.

In parallel and in order to provide a comprehensive response, ACTED implements a holistic approach to strengthen the resilience of host, refugee, displaced and returnee populations. At the head of a consortium of international NGOs of Alliance 2015, ACTED is implementing a multi-year multi-sectoral recovery project in the region of Diffa.

Finally, ACTED collaborates with the REACH initiative in data collection and information management to improve the relevance and quality of its humanitarian response, as well as with the AGORA initiative to strengthen local governance systems.

Nearly one million beneficiaries since 2010
More than 70,000 beneficiaries of WASH activities
More than 26,000 beneficiaries of emergency food assistance

Current projects

Improving the living conditions of refugee and conflict-affected communities in Niger

Distribution of Non-Food Items as part of the RRM response in partnership with ECHO and Italian Cooperation

Multisectoral and integrated support for vulnerable households in the Tillabéri region in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Emergency WASH response for the populations of the Ouallam IDP site, Tillabéri region

Establishment of sectoral and inter-sectoral assessments to inform prioritization at the level of IDP sites, humanitarian planning and sectoral response

Integrated Project to Support the Resilience of Vulnerable Refugee, Displaced, Returnee and Host Populations in the Diffa Region

Response to the food needs and prevention of malnutrition of vulnerable populations

Meeting the food needs and preventing malnutrition of vulnerable populations in the commune of Kabléma, Diffa region, Niger

Emergency response for access to water for refugee and host populations in Tibiri, Maradi region

Supporting local planning to improve the living conditions and resilience of conflict-affected communities whilst increasing evidence-based humanitarian programming

Supporting local planning efforts to improve the living conditions and resilience of conflict-affected communities in Niger whilst increasing evidence based humanitarian programming

Response to the Essential Needs and Strengthening of the Resilience of vulnerable populations facing the Lake Chad Crisis, in the department of N’Guigmi, Diffa Region

Emergency response to the essential needs of vulnerable populations in Niger

Emergency response to the essential needs of vulnerable populations

Response to basic needs and strengthening resilience of vulnerable populations facing the Lake Chad Crisis (N’Guigmi, Diffa)

Humanitarian Situation and Needs Monitoring in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger

Contributing to improving the living conditions of vulnerable populations in Niger

Contributing to improving the living conditions of vulnerable populations in Niger

Integrated project to support the resilience of vulnerable populations of refugees, displaced, returnees and hosts in the Diffa region

WASH, BNA and shelters and coordination in Diffa


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Hygiene and sanitation in schools in Abala camp, Tillabéri
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