The conflicts in northern Mali and the Lake Chad crisis have caused major population movements towards the Diffa and Tillabéry regions. ACTED is responding to the humanitarian needs of particularly vulnerable displaced populations, whose influx is weighing on pre-existing basic services and natural resources of the host populations. ACTED teams have been operating in Niger since 2010, implementing programmes to ensure people’s access to water and sanitation services as well as providing support to build economic and agricultural resilience.

Mission Context

Niger is facing a volatile humanitarian situation and an unstable security environment. Several challenges are combined in this Sahelian country: on the one hand, structural crises, such as chronic food and nutritional insecurity, droughts or floods; and on the other hand, security crises causing major population movements, as the conflict in northern Mali or the Lake Chad crisis. Displaced populations, present in the Diffa and Tillabéry regions, are particularly vulnerable. Additionally, the daily life of host communities is further complicated by the scale of displacement, which affects pre-existing basic services and natural resources.

The humanitarian community emphasizes emergency actions to ensure dignified living conditions for the population. Humanitarian actors are also developing recovery actions to strengthen the resilience of affected populations.

ACTED in Niger

Since 2010, ACTED has been mobilizing alongside the most vulnerable populations affected by different crises, in order to meet their basic needs while strengthening their resilience capacities.

In Tillabéry and Diffa regions, ACTED provides access to water and sanitation services to displaced people and host communities and organises infrastructure maintenance to ensure its sustainability. Distribution of shelter kits and non-food items are coordinated, as well as awareness-raising sessions on best hygiene practices to help prevent epidemics.

Simultaneously, ACTED aims to strengthen the economic resilience of the most vulnerable people by providing training and support to the beneficiaries of its projects in launching income-generating activities. Within this framework, ACTED promotes agricultural recovery by introducing farmers to new techniques and providing them with agricultural inputs, which also contributes to food security in the region.

ACTED, 2017
In order to help the most vulnerable, ACTED conducted literacy sessions for the communities
ACTED, 2017
Before launching their income-generating activities, all project beneficiaries receive comprehensive training, including basic accounting skills
As part of the monthly food distributions, ACTED beneficiaries are also trained in good nutritional practices
ACTED, 2017
In order to improve access to water in the Diffa region, ACTED teams are equipping a solar panel borehole to increase drinking water distribution capacity
ACTED, 2017
Water Trucking covered the water supply at the Kidjandi site, which has 30,000 displaced people
ACTED, 2017
A total of 1,400 households (approximately 4,900 people) were provided with emergency shelters

Current projects

Basic food support and prevention of malnutrition, Kablewa

Improving access to education, non-food items and shelter for refugees and host communities living in and around Abala camp

Urgent support for the supply of drinking water to vulnerable populations settled on the Kindjandi site and surroundings

Support for the supply of drinking water to vulnerable populations living on the Kidjandi site in the Diffa region

Promote durable living conditions through multi-sectorial approach for Malian and Nigerian refugees, Nigerien returnees, displaced and host communities in Niger

Capacity building and skills transfer project to improve information management tools and practices of Education and WASH Clusters

Informer l’action humanitaire basée sur le terrain dans les contextes de réfugiés en dehors du camp

Provide emergency hygiene and sanitation assistance to vulnerable households affected by the security crisis in the Diffa region of Niger

Emergency project in water, sanitation and hygiene, BNA and shelters and coordination on the Diffa region

Food distribution, cash transfer, cash for food/for asset and blanket feeding for children 6 – 23 months old

Project for the information management of Diffa’s displaced assistance activities

WASH, BNA and shelters and coordination in Diffa


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January 2018

Hygiene and sanitation in schools in Abala camp, Tillabéri
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