ACTED has been present and registered in Pakistan since 1995, with active presence in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, Sindh and Punjab provinces. ACTED Pakistan has been responding to emergencies caused by conflicts and natural disasters, notably focusing on food security and livelihood opportunities, while supporting their recovery and investing the development sectors.

Context of the mission

Despite its standing as one of Asia’s most resilient economies, Pakistan continues to face a wide range of both human-induced disasters and natural challenges. Sitting among the 32 countries most sensitive to the impacts of climate change, the country experiences recurring floods and earthquakes, and suffers some of the world’s worst food insecurity and chronic malnutrition. The recurrence of severe droughts also blights agricultural production and contributes to wider population displacement. In addition to these factors, some of Pakistan’s poorest regions along the Afghan border continue to be subject to conflict between the military and insurgents. The situation of the thousands of Afghan refugees residing in Pakistan continues to be a topic of major political and humanitarian concern.



ACTED in Pakistan

Children performing during a Disaster Risk Reduction-themed day at the Government Higher Secondary School in the Kashmore district
Participants of a work skills training course gain practical experience in motorcycle maintenance
In the Seerani Center in Seeranci City, local men take part in a vocational training course to learn about mobile phone repair.

ACTED focuses its assistance in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh provinces, targeting disaster-affected populations with immediate and early recovery assistance in the sectors of shelter, water, sanitation and hygiene, and cash assistance.

Learning from disasters to strengthen community resilience  

In Pakistan, ACTED’s actions seek to boost community resilience both to the immediate impacts of natural disasters (such as through hygiene awareness trainings), in addition to making sustainable contributions in terms of long-term resilience, which includes vocational training and education.

ACTED seeks to build the resilience of local communities and authorities by providing them with trainings on community disaster risk management, climate-smart agriculture, and infrastructure building/rehabilitation. As a result, the target communities take steps to identify recurring risks and adapt local development practices in order to mitigate against their impacts. In addition, ACTED engineers oversee the integration of ‘Build Back Better’ techniques into the construction and rehabilitation of basic infrastructure and housing.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Sindh provinces, ACTED also reaches thousands of families through hygiene awareness sessions, particularly crucial for maintaining health standards in areas hosting displaced communities. Over the last year, our action has successfully halted open defecation practices in 33 villages, banishing a key contributor to high rates of waterborne disease.

Current projects

Localized Multi-Hazard Anticipatory Action Facility Pakistan
Girls’ Lower Secondary Education Programme (GLSEP) in Pakistan
Emergency multi-sectoral assistance and response to address the basic needs of population most affected by displacements and natural disasters in Pakistan
Building Resilience Through Early Recovery Support to Flood-Affected Communities of Pakistan
Climate Resilient WASH Flood Emergency Response
Climate Resilient WASH Flood Emergency Response in two districts (District Jacobadad and District Kashmore) of Sindh in Pakistan
Pakistan Flood Response 2022
Integrated multi-sectoral flood relief and early recovery in Sindh and Baluchistan
Strengthening resilience through food security and livelihoods support to drought-affected communities of Umerkot District in Pakistan
Adolescent and Adult Learning and Training Program (AALTP)

Sustainable solutions for women’s empowerment

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