Mission context

For the past few decades Colombia has been affected by complex events of internal displacement due to the internal conflict and/or natural disasters. Since 2012, the country has experienced a sustained flow of migrants from its neighbour, Venezuela. This flow has recently intensified due to the increased economic constraints in the country and according to official sources; over 1.2 million migrants are currently present in Colombia, with more entering the country every day.

Additionally, the country is still facing complex internal conflicts situations that have been exacerbated by the increased criminal activity in the border areas. Moreover, Riohacha and the department of Guajira have been historically affected by prolonged droughts and overall lack of access to water, particularly in the rural areas inhabited by the Wayu indigenous people.

ACTED in Colombia

ACTED has been present in Colombia since mid 2019 through humanitarian actions in the northern department of Guajira and its capital Riohacha. Our objective is to provide a multisectoral emergency response to migrant families, returnees (Colombians that had move to Venezuela and that are now returning to their home country) and vulnerable host communities in Guajira and to meet the needs of the local, refugee and indigenous population through cash based programming that aim to increase the awareness of the migrant population’s knowledge of the Colombian work, educational and health systems and as well as to improve livelihoods and coping strategies of the mixed migration population.

In 2019, ACTED established an office in the Guajira capital Riohacha to facilitate the commencement of programming and the outreach to rural and urban settlements in the region.

ACTED’s action in Colombia is based on two complementary components:

  • First, ACTED identifies vulnerable individuals among the migrant population and within the host communities. These people are then provided with valuable information aimed at increasing the awareness of their rights in terms of labour, medical care and access to services such as education
  • Second, the identified beneficiaries would then receive conditional financial transfers aimed at improving their livelihoods and their access to primary resources. The entity of these transfers is established together with other actors present in Riohacha and through the Cash Delivery Platform (CDD), of which ACTED is a global partner.

Regional approach

In order to able to meet the needs of the migrant population as well as to support the host communities that have been affected by the surge in resident, ACTED is working in tandem with four Alliance 2015 partners, who, by working hand in hand, are covering the needs of migrants and host communities in four countries in the .

Regional Humanitarian Assistance: A Response to the Venezuelan socioeconomic crisis and its migratory consequences in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

Current projects

Multisectoral humanitarian assistance to address the urgent needs of the most vulnerable people in Venezuela