Sri Lanka

Located just off the southern tip of India, Sri Lanka is an island nation, rich with history, biodiversity and potential for eco-inclusive development. Many of Sri Lanka’s challenges stem directly from three decades of internal ethnic conflict which ended in 2009. This conflict hampered economic development and exacerbated poverty and unemployment, especially in the northern and eastern regions of the country.

Two thirds of the population continue to live in rural areas and are dependent on agriculture for their livelihoods. Tourism and textiles also contribute a significant proportion of the country’s GDP. Extreme poverty is rare and geographically concentrated in pockets. That being said, over one in ten Sri Lankans continues to live on less than 2 USD per day and a relatively large share of the population subsists on slightly more than the poverty line.

Sri Lanka is well-known for its biodiverse ecosystems and beautiful landscapes, but as with many countries in the region, the impacts of climate change have become increasingly visible, especially among vulnerable communities. This includes heightened frequency and intensity of cyclical weather patterns, such as droughts, floods and landslides that devastate the land and livelihoods of local populations. Additionally, Sri Lankas’ economic growth has stagnated over the last couple of years and is often impacted by adverse shifts in the global market.


ACTED in Sri Lanka

In 2019...

beneficiaries supported
individuals provided with life-saving assistance
people covered under local development plans

In line with Acted’s 3Zero strategy, Acted in Sri Lanka aims to capacitate local organisations, entrepreneurs and individuals in achieving a world of Zero Poverty, Zero Exclusion and Zero Carbon. Acted is strengthening local civil society organisations’ role in enhancing the livelihoods and engagement in good governance for the most marginalized groups.


To enable marginalised communities to pave the road towards Zero Poverty, Acted supports over 300 micro, small and medium entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector, comprised of women, persons with disabilities and plantation communities. The programme aims to enable entrepreneurs to expand their businesses and create employment opportunities to alleviate poverty in rural communities.

Acted in Sri Lanka also focuses on enhancing sustainable livelihood approaches, that not only facilitate economic growth but also protect valuable ecosystems and natural resources. This includes promoting climate and water resilient agricultural practices, effective environmental management and supporting the government to implement existing policies and legal frameworks. These combined efforts contribute to mobilising Zero Carbon strategies throughout the country.

Lastly, to strengthen co-existence and inclusion in economic and social developmental planning, Acted coordinates with civil society, community leaders and local authorities. By building the actors capacity and linkages to collaborate with one another, Acted is progressively materializing a Zero Exclusion vision, regardless of one’s gender, ethnicity or religion.

ACTED provides assets to growing entrepreneurs to boost their business performance and support the growth of local industries in the Central and Uva provinces of Sri Lanka under the Integrated Economic Development project.
ACTED in collaboration with Coca-Cola Sri Lanka and the Coca Cola Foundation, under the ‘WALK’ initiative, rehabilitated the Samurdhi Tank in the Monaragala district of Sri Lanka. The reservoir is a lifeline to surrounding farmers and their livelihoods.
Participants engage in group discussions to develop solutions for addressing and eliminating gender-based violence against female garment workers in Sri Lanka as part of ACTED’s ‘Speak Out’ project.
ACTED is present in 11 districts across Sri Lanka and is actively strengthening the capacity of local civil society and facilitating inclusive socio-economic development. ACTED’s work in the country is also providing crucial support to entrepreneurs and marginalized groups to support economic recovery and long-term resilience.
To promote inter-religious collaboration and religious freedom, ACTED is coordinating with civil society, community leaders and local authorities to develop reforms, raise awareness on existing laws and their implications, and implement community-based activities that enhance inclusive interreligious dialogue.
As a part of the initiative to promote inter-religious collaboration and religious freedom, local coexistence societies were provided with essential assets to improve their organisational capacity and, in turn, the effectiveness of their advocacy for positive reforms.

Project Brief

PLASTICS: Promoting Long-term Approaches for a Sustainable, Transformative and Inclusive Circular Economy in Sri Lanka
Newsletter Sri Lanka July to December 2021
Acted Sri Lanka - Country Strategy
Project Brief: Anticipatory Response for South West Monsoon Flooding
Project Brief: Integrated Economic Development of Central and Uva Provinces of Sri Lanka
Project Brief: Water, Agriculture, Livelihoods and Knowledge (WALK)
Project Brief: Strengthening Cooperation Between Civil Society and Government for Effective Inter-religious Collaboration in Sri Lanka
Project Brief: Speak Out: Tackling Gender Based Violence against female garment workers in Sri Lanka through civil society engagement
Project Brief COLIBRI: Community Livehood and Biodiversity Recovery

Current projects

PLASTICS: Promoting Long-term Approaches for a Sustainable Transformative and Inclusive circular Economy in Sri Lanka
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