Sri Lanka

PLASTICS: Promoting Long-term Approaches for a Sustainable Transformative and Inclusive circular Economy in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Sustainable and inclusive growth
January 2022
January 2026

The PLASTICS project aims to facilitate plastic waste minimisation and management in Sri Lanka by integrating 150 target small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in a greener value and supply chain (V/SC), thereby contributing to economic prosperity and environmental sustainability. This 48-months long project will specifically improve economic development within the plastic V/SC through SME resource efficiency, circular innovation, green finance, and sustainable waste management (SWM) frameworks in Western Province. In addition to the SMEs, the project will directly benefit 10 entrepreneurs, 50 business development service providers, and 10 financial institutions, and also cover an estimated 5.82 million household level consumers as indirect beneficiaries.

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