Protected: ACTED going green

ACTED embraces an ambitious greening strategy to tackle environmental degradation and climate change while meeting the needs of the most vulnerable, often those most affected by the environmental crisis. This requires adapting our internal procedures and upscaling our programming related to fighting climate change.

The latest Global Risks Report from the World Economic Forum indicates that four of the five top risks are related to the environment. The world’s poorest and most marginalized communities will be the hardest hit by the effects of climate change. As the humanitarian sector, we know that we have a collective responsibility to mitigate environmental disasters and facilitate climate resilience. It is our duty to the populations that we serve and the planet that we all share.

reduction of our carbon footprint by 2025

We work on a strict assessment of our carbon emissions and on the reduction of our emissions by focusing on our areas of progress

of programmes dedicated to the environment by 2022

We work on developing activities that aim at creating more sustainable ecosystems to enhance climate resilience and improve in short and long term livelihoods

ACTED’s 3 Zero vision compels us to “walk the talk” on climate change and the environment and take all necessary measures to reduce our climate and environmental footprint at both an organizational and operational level, identify local and global solutions to climate change focusing on the most vulnerable and upscale our programming related to fighting climate change and preserving the environment.

How do we walk the talk on climate change?

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November 2021

ACTED’s Greening Strategy 2021-2025