Greening our programmes

ACTED takes action for a 3Zero World: Zero Exlusion because nobody should be left behind, Zero Carbon because we only have one planet, and 2ero poverty because poverty should not hold back potential. This drives us to identify local and global solutions to climate change, centred on the most vulnerable people, through our various programmes.

Zoom-in on our flagship initiatives for the environment

ACTED’s projects aim at supporting communities in the long-run and thus already comprise an environmental-based approach. Our projects include restoring lands and soil through climate-smart agricultural techniques, promoting conservation agriculture, supporting the implementation of renewable energies and disaster risk reduction activities.

What we aim at: reaching 25% of ACTED’s activity portfolio in 2022.

In addition to step up its activities on climate change resilience, ACTED partners with innovative global financing mechanisms, such as investment funds for climate, to support the expansion of green programming areas.

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ACTED's Greening Strategy 2021-2025