COLIBRI: community Livelihood and Biodiversity Recover

COLIBRI is a two-years projects seeking to protect, preserve and restore biodiversity clusters in Sri Lanka. The project will safeguard these fragile forest and coral reef ecosystems by strengthening civil society’s capacity to promote the sustainable use of natural resources and improve livelihoods.

Areas of interventions

ACTED intervenes in 3 different areas

  • Knuckles Conservation Forest (KCF)
  • The BarReef Marine Sanctuary (BRMS)
  • The Kayankerni Marine Sanctuary (KMS)


ACTED and the Green Movement of Sri Lanka will help protect KCF’s ecology via community-led monitoring and response that minimise illegal and harmful activities. Sustainable agricultural practices for farmers, dependent on the KCF’s natural resources for their livelihoods, will also be promoted through improved public-private-civil collaboration.

ACTED, the Blue Resources Trust and the Environmental Foundation Ltd. will work closely with coastal communities to ensure data-driven community management of resources in BRMS and KMS. The project will promote the sustainable growth of fisheries and tourism.

Planned results

Number of households we plan to support
Number of hectares of forest we plan on protecting
Number of km² of marine ecosystems we plan on ensuring a sustainable management of