South Sudan

Improving food security and ensuring access to livelihoods

ACTED addresses the dire food security needs of displaced populations through emergency food distributions within internally displaced and refugee camps. ACTED also works to improve the resilience of vulnerable people across the country through seed, vegetable and fishing kits and tool distributions. To improve the livelihoods of refugees and displaced people, ACTED promotes sustainable income generating activities, asset building and the use of innovative livestock feed preservation techniques, community saving groups, and Agro Pastoralist Field schools.

ACTED in South Sudan

Resilience and emergency programmes working together to support South Sudan

Since the eruption of the South Sudanese conflict in December 2013, ACTED has been contributing to the delivery of humanitarian services to internally displaced persons, refugees and host communities. Taking into account its technical expertise in camp coordination and camp management, water and sanitation, distributions and cash delivery and food security and livelihoods, ACTED undertakes a multi-sectoral approach to life-saving activities. ACTED also acknowledges the importance of engaging in early recovery and longer term solutions to transition towards sustainable solutions as a necessary step to build the resilience and improve the living conditions of the country’s poor and displaced populations, through tackling the underlying drivers of food insecurity and poverty.

As the country slowly recovers from the havoc wrought from decades of conflict, ACTED’s programming focuses on expanding its multi-sector approach on camp coordination and camp management, water and sanitation, distributions and cash delivery and food security and livelihoods. Displacement within the country skyrocketed as conflict broke out throughout the country. ACTED responds through the expansion of services within the Juba and Bor Protection of Civilian (POC) sites and the launch of camp services in informal settlements established in Wau. As a result of displacements and the situation within South Sudan, the food security situation deteriorated. ACTED continues to distribute food to those in need whilst trying to build the longer-term food security of those affected.

Ground nut distribution

Maintaining delivery of services in displacement locations

As camp manager ACTED continues to coordinate and provide camp management services in Protection of Civilian (POC) site in Juba and Bor, informal settlements in Wau and refugee camps in Maban. ACTED moreover contributes to camp coordination countrywide as co-lead of the Camp Coordination and Camp Management cluster. Furthermore, ACTED continues to provide and manage water supply and sanitation services to people at risk of disease outbreak in three refugee camps, and improves sanitation practices in Mingkaman and Maban through hygienic campaigns and the establishment and maintenance of waste management systems.

Current projects

Working for Food Security in Jonglei State

Working towards food security in WBGS

Cash Based Transfers in Lakes State

Establishing a WASH knowledge ecosystem through WASH cluster and development partner capacity building, coordinated assessments and enhanced information management

Moyens de subsistance d’urgence et assistance en eau, hygiène et assainissement pour les ménages vulnérables dans l’État de Jonglei

Improving food availability and access in Akobo County, Jonglei State

Camp Management and Information Management Services for Internally Displaced Persons

REACH: Assessment of hard to reach areas-migration and return intentions

Improving food and nutrition security for vulnerable populations of Akobo East County

Camp coordination and camp management response in Wau collective centres and Kajo Keji displacement sites

Providing access to improved water, sanitation and hygiene and shelter conditions for vulnerable refugee population

Ensuring effective protection and equitable access to basic services and assistance for Sudanese refugees in Kaya, Gendrassa and Doro

Implementation of General food distribution in Maban

Implementation of General Food Distribution

Empowering communities: Addressing Gaps and Needs in Livelihood and Protection Programming

Cash and Vouchers in Lakes State

Supporting vulnerable farmers and agro-pastoralists to become resilient to climate stresses and shocks

Enhancing WASH Sector Information Management and Analysis in South Soudan



Country Strategy South Sudan - 2017-2019
Agro Pastoralist field school training
Treadle pump delivery to Agro Pastoralist field school groups in Akobo helping to better irrigate farms
Training facilitators, monitoring production growth
Ground nut distribution
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