South Sudan

The Republic of South Sudan became the world’s newest nation in July 2011. Only two years after its formation, a civil war broke out leading to great loss of life and mass displacement.

The signature of the revitalized peace agreement in 2018 brought cautious optimism although many areas still see high levels of insecurity. Resource scarcity, long-term severe food insecurity, and normalization of the use of violence to resolve conflict contribute to the ongoing tensions.  Nearly 4 million people remain displaced, with 2.3 million refugees hosted by the neighboring countries and more than 1.6 million displaced internally. Only 334,828 people have returned to the country since 2017. Barriers to return often include concerns over safety and security, poor basic service provision, and lack of work opportunities.

Over four million South Sudanese remain displaced following years of violent conflict that resulted in one of the most devastating humanitarian crises in recent history. The revitalized peace agreement of 2018 brought hope, however, increasing number of people across the country are in need of humanitarian assistance, facing significant food insecurity, protection concerns and lack access to basic services. Peace remains fragile, however, pockets of stability have emerged.


ACTED in South Sudan

Our achievements in 2020...

>160,000 Sudanese refugees
live in camps managed by ACTED
>121,000 IDPs
live in camps managed by ACTED
>340,000 individuals
benefitted from ACTED's food security activities

ACTED South Sudan operates in eight out of 10 states of South Sudan and employs a flexible approach which acknowledges the coexistence of the need for emergency response, and early recovery resilience building with the potential for further stabilization of communities through long-term programming.

ACTED static and mobile teams provide emergency food and shelter relief, WASH assistance, and Camp Coordination and Camp Management services to displaced communities in refugee and IDP camps, as well as in informal settlements. At the same time, ACTED works with the communities towards long-term resilience through variety of livelihood interventions focused on improved agricultural practices, provision of agricultural inputs, building up productive infrastructure, market linkages and access to capital through saving groups.

ACTED staff oversee a cash transfer to IDPs
ACTED helped refugees in Maban establish their own catering businesses
This new foot bridge in Maban ensures farmers can access arable land from a local refugee cam during the rain season
Newly installed panels help power the water supply system in Maban, providing water to over 140,000 refugees
Beekeepers in Maridi County receive protective gear and equipment to support their business

Current projects

Community based rural development project
Strengthening essential WASH and protection services in Maban camps and surrounding host communities
Humanitarian coordination, provision of CCCM multi sectoral assistance and longer-term integrated responses to displacement-affected populations in South Sudan
Complementary Action for Resilience Building in South Sudan (CARB)
Food for Assets (FFA) in Western Bahr El Ghazal States
Reconstruction & strengthening of productive infrastructure & value chains across a displacement-affected region in SSD
Coordinated Action for Multi-Sector Programming in Camp and Out-of-Camp Settings
Coordinated Action for Multi-Sector Programming in Camp and Out-of-Camp Settings