Occupied Palestinian Territory

Acted has been present in the West Bank since 2007 and in the Gaza Strip since 2008. Since 2007, Acted has been responding to humanitarian needs and development challenges in the Occupied Palestinian Territory through an integrated approach. In view of the worsening of the humanitarian situation in recent years, and even more so since 7 October, Acted is mobilized to respond to the basic needs of the populations affected by the conflict.

Acted in the occupied Palestinian Territory

Since 2007, Acted has been implementing numerous humanitarian and development aid programmes in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

On the humanitarian front, Acted has been providing support to vulnerable households living in precarious conditions for many years through the rehabilitation of shelters, the provision of non-food items, and by facilitating access to drinking water, hygiene, and sanitation (WASH). This includes rehabilitating WASH facilities in schools and medical centres. ACTED’s support to the most vulnerable households also targets victims of gender-based violence, helping them rebuild their livelihoods and become financially independent. In 2021, following a resumption of hostilities, Acted also supported vulnerable families in the Gaza Strip to rebuild their shelters and farmers to rehabilitate their land.

Between 2020 and 2022, Acted provided support to nearly 230,000 vulnerable people in shelter, water, hygiene and sanitation and non-food items.

In terms of development, Acted has been mobilized in particular  to promote inclusive economic growth through digital innovation to generate employment opportunities for young graduates and entrepreneurs in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

In view of the dramatic worsening of the conflict since 7 October 2023 – unprecedented in its scale and the suffering it generates – Acted is mobilized to respond to the immediate needs of displaced populations in the Gaza Strip, in particular through the distribution of stocks of basic necessities and is also intensifying its emergency response to the growing needs of the most vulnerable populations in the West Bank.

After the May-2021 hostilities, ACTED supported farmers in the Gaza strip in restoring their land © ACTED, 2021.
After the May-2021 hostilities, ACTED supported families in the Gaza Strip in the rehabilitation of their shelter © ACTED, 2021.
In the Gaza Strip, ACTED relies on its Community-Based Protection Committees to ensure solid engagement and ownership at community level and to guarantee better respect of the safety and privacy of each individual, especially the most vulnerable groups (female headed HHs, disabled, elderly). ACTED regularly follows up with them and provides them with on-the-job coaching © ACTED, 2021.
Under several projects, ACTED stockpiles Non-Food items to ensure it has the capacity to rapidly address beneficiary needs in time of emergency © ACTED, 2021.
ACTED supported Al Quds Open University’s Mobile Educational Center to facilitate women’s access to digital tools and trainings © ACTED, 2021.