Acted is a French charity, registered as an "association française loi 1901", overseen by a Board and a Bureau, with the support of an executive team based in the Headquarters in Paris, working alongside 8,000 staff across 42 countries.

Associative governance

Acted is a charity of 121 members represented by a Board with 17 sitting members who oversee the charity’s activities and other missions. They validate the main decisions related to ACTED’s associative and operational management. The Board members, elected for 3 years, meet every quarter to review and decide on the association’s orientations and priorities. They appoint an board (Bureau) of 7 people, including a President, a Vice-President, a Treasurer and a Secretary, which meets monthly and is responsible for monitoring ACTED’s operational management.

Bertrand GALLET
Retired (Former CEO of Cités Unies France) – French Nationality, member since 2004 and member of the Bureau

Civil Servant, European Commission – Belgian Nationality, member since 2004 and member of the Bureau

Frédéric DOHET
Deputy Director of RTE – French Nationality, member since 2009 and member of the Bureau

Jean-Claude CHAPON
Journalist – French Nationality, member since 2005 and member of the Bureau

Members of the Board

Vianney BASSE, Administrator – Consultant, Eric Salmon and Partners – French nationality, member since 2016 and member of the Bureau
Jean-Louis BENASSI, Administrator – Director, UNICID – French Nationality, member since 2018
Jean-Marie BOCKEL, Administrator – Senior Advisor, Tilder – French Nationality, member since 2021
Priscilla DE MOUSTIER, Administrator – Chairman of the Supervisory Board of OXUS – French nationality, member since 2010 and member of the Bureau
Olivier FERRANDO, Administrator – Associate Researcher at CERI-Sciences Po – French nationality, member since 2017
Mireille GAUZERE, Administrator – General Inspector of Social Affairs – French nationality, member since 2021 and member of the Bureau
Maxime GOARANT, Administrator – President of SAS Immotep – French nationality, member since 2022
Sonia JEDIDI, Administrator – Attaché to the French Embassy in Algeria – French and Tunisian Nationality, member since 2000 and member of the Bureau
Laurent LALOGE, Administrator – Retired Army Officer – French nationality, member since 2009
Jean-Yves LE DRIAN, Administrator – Former Minister – French nationality, member since 2022
Matthias LERIDON, Administrator – Founder and President, Tilder – French Nationality, member since 2016

Operational governance

An executive team, based at the headquarters in Paris, works in alongside Acted’s associative governance body as well as country directors and teams across our countries of intervention. Acted’s management is represented within a Directoire, a decision-making body with oversight of the development strategy, the global operational follow-up and Acted Group.

Acted’s management team

Marie-Pierre CALEY, Co-founder and CEO
Frédéric ROUSSEL, Co-founder and Development, Partnerships, Innovation & Prospective Director

Aurélien DAUNAY, Vice CEO Finance, Innovation & Investment
Pascal BERNARD, Vice CEO Operations, Emergencies & Digital Transformation
André KRUMMACHER, Vice CEO Programmes, Impact & Accountability

Gaëlle HEMART, Group Director Transparency, Compliance & Investigation

Frédéric de SAINT SERNIN, Vice CEO Stratégie France

Anne CASTEL, Finance & Administration Director
Fanny DEVOUCOUX, Logistics & Green Supply Chain Director
Pierre MARTI, Security & Safety Director
Amandine TILLIE, Transparency & Compliance Director
Maxence VIALLON, Information Systems Deputy Director
Marie D’ARGENTRE, Project Development and External Relations Director

The management team of Acted sister organisations and Acted networks

Fanny ROUSSEY, Executive Director, Convergences
Luca PUPULIN, Executive Director, IMPACT Initiatives
Frédéric ROUSSEL, Founder and President, OXUS

Acted Network:

Acted UK
Ciaran LAVERY, Executive Director, ACTED US
Rano MANSUROVA, Country Representative, ACTED Canada

Acted teams

Acted relies on the expertise of professionals, committed to working with us to carry out ACTED’s missions and mandate, supporting 20 million people in 38 countries. For the past 28 years, Acted teams have been working to support the most vulnerable populations where necessary. Dedication, commitment are at the heart of our action and that of our teams who are driven by the look for increased impact. We deploy innovative solutions outside the box for sustainable change.

Country missions around the world

Acted teams work with the most vulnerable populations in open crisis contexts or to respond in a sustainable way to situations of endemic poverty.

On a day-to-day basis, 8,000 employees, including 440 international employees, are committed to working on emergencies, supporting rehabilitation efforts and sustainable development, hands in hands with communities and local stakeholders.

Each of Acted missions combines local and international expertise, technicians and managers, field teams and operational coordination offices, women and men, programmatic expertise with humanitarian skills, support and back-office teams, who work together to ensure the impact, continuity, effectiveness and relevance of our projects in the field, under the responsibility of the Country Director.

You can download Acted's up-to-date Organigram here:
Join ACTED teams

Join ACTED teams. Contribute to projects, support humanitarian operations, develop and improve the impact of programmes for the most vulnerable.

Contribute to the implementation of operations and projects in the field. Take on responsibilities in finance, logistics, compliance and audit, safety and security, or human resources. Contribute to the development of quality projects, the improvement of our standards and the monitoring of our operations. Move with us to coordination and management positions.


In the HQ in France

At ACTED’s Paris HQ, a team of over sixty professionals ensure that our field staff are fully supported in their operations overseas.

The Directorate General is the chief body responsible for the coordination and management of individual country missions and ACTED’s global strategy. This body provides the highest level of public representation for the organisation, closely following the day to day actions of ACTED’s field teams and responding to the most urgent needs as these arise. The role of the Directorate General also extends to coordinating the entire ACTED network (including OXUS, Convergences, etc.), at the global level, and reporting on all activities to ACTED’s governing bodies and members.

ACTED’s Programme Department oversees the support and monitoring of all projects executed by ACTED’s in-country teams, often contributing to dialogue between the organisation and donors. The Programme Department also plays a central role in shaping the deployment of ACTED’s technical staff to bolster in-country expertise in specific sectors (WASH, child protection, agriculture, etc.) and tracking appraisal, monitoring and evaluation activities to both gauge project impacts and ensure the transmission of good practices and lessons learned into future interventions.

The Human Resources Department manages the recruitment, administration and follow-up of ACTED’s international staff, in addition to monitoring in-country recruitment.

Three departments based in ACTED’s HQ are responsible for the day-to-day follow-up of projects. This includes the Program Department; the Finance Department and the Logistics Department, the latter of which supports logistical, operational and purchasing functions in-country.

ACTED’s Security and Safety Department provides support to in-country teams in the analysis of risks present within ACTED’s current and forecast operational contexts. In coordination with country directors and safety focal points, the Security and Safety Department oversees and monitors the implementation of risk prevention and contingency measures, adapting these to local contexts to ensure project teams can both live in safety and maximize their access to operational areas to facilitate effective programming.

The Audit Department ensures that all ACTED teams and project partners comply with ACTED’s administrative, financial, logistical, operational and security procedures, while also supporting teams on the regular in-country auditing executed by international donors.

Given its past experience, ACTED’s mission today is to contribute its breadth of knowledge to the ongoing discussions and debates taking place within the humanitarian sector. ACTED remains fully committed to developing and supporting new initiatives within the framework of its Development Department.

The Communication Department contributes to both the in-country visibility of ACTED’s work, thus helping to improve access by maintaining positive community relationships, as well as fulfilling ACTED’s obligation to keep governments, donors, NGO partners and the wider public aware of our work. Through such efforts, ACTED contributes to the sensitization of the public to the various humanitarian contexts in which we work, helping us to invigorate wider societal support for our work.

An International Resource

ACTED’s moves forward in its mission through mobilising people across a truly global network; country missions are the ‘do-ers’ sitting at the heart of actions on the ground, regional offices play a reinforcing role to country missions to maximize the relevance and effectiveness of our interventions within a given region. In Washington and Geneva, ACTED’s Representation Offices promote ACTED’s influence amongst the world’s key decision makers in international humanitarian bodies, donors and our partners, in so doing, helping to raise awareness and mobilize the international community to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In the United States, the ACTED office in Washington provides representation to North American operators, while supporting the projects we are carrying out in Haiti.

In Switzerland, ACTED’s Geneva office gives us access to one of the world’s epicenters of international cooperation. Geneva staff participate in and contribute to the discussions shaping the humanitarianism to come. ACTED in Geneva also benefits from the presence of the Action-Tank IMPACT Initiatives.

In the United Kingdom, ACTED UK provides NGO representation to UK partners and international cooperation, as well as NGO coordination.