Since 2011, ACTED has been providing humanitarian aid and has supported civils society and local governance building throughout Libya, from its offices in Tripoli and Benghazi, as well as Tunis. The NGO responds to the humanitarian challenges faced by the country and supports displaced people, who are particularly vulnerable in the current context. . Under its Civil Initiatives Libya banner, ACTED is also offering capacity building, grants, and networking opportunities to civil society and local governance actors. Community resilience is further enhanced with the capacity building of social enterprises.

Mission context

Libya has faced political turmoil since 2011, with a range of political governments, militias, and ideologically-driven entities competing for power and legitimacy. Clashes over resources and territorial control remained widespread, affecting an estimated 1.6 million people, of whom 823,000 are in need of humanitarian assistance.

The conflict has also taken a heavy toll on basic services due to damage sustained to water infrastructure, sewage and waste management, electricity networks, schools and medical facilities. On top of this, the Libyan economy has crumbled. Libyans face rampant inflation and an ongoing liquidity crisis which leaves them unable to withdraw money at a fast enough rate to keep up with price inflation.

ACTED in Libya

In recent years, a strong evidence base has formed confirming that providing direct cash assistance is more effective and cost-efficient than traditional aid distributions. It is also a more dignified form of assistance giving beneficiaries more power over their purchases and allowing them to choose based on ongoing shifts in prices and the needs of their families. ACTED Libya implements cash assistance projects which provide thousands of families with essential cash to meet their basic needs.

In addition to cash assistance, ACTED Libya also operates a protection hotline, and created a referral mechanism to monitor vulnerabilities in eastern Libya. These activities contribute to reduced protection risks and improve the resilience of conflict-affected beneficiaries.

Conflict in Libya's cities regularly effected schools and hospitals. Over the past year, ACTED made major efforts to repair the effected schools.
ACTED worked with the national organisation CIL to create Child-friendly spaces to support community stabilisation

Current projects

Building Resilience, Inclusion and Social Cohesion in the Fezzan

Protection assistance to conflict-affected and displaced people in Eastern Libya

Libya Equal Access and Development for Recovery (LEAD for Recovery) // Lot 2

Restoring access to safe and quality education and supporting evidence-based and coordinated humanitarian assistance in Libya

Strengthening Humanitarian Coordination And Access To Safe And Dignified Protection In Libya

Assistance to Vulnerable Population in Libya through Cash, QIPs and other interventions

EU for Civil Society in Libya (CIL)

Improved access of children to safe and inclusive learning environments through Bayti Child Resilience Centers

Responding to the escalading needs in Lahj through unconditional multi-purpose cash transfers

ACTED, 2017
Arts Exhibition in ACTED Training Center, Benghazi



October 2017

Overview of ACTED programmes in Libya

November 2018

National CSOs Consultation in Libya: Findings and Recommendations
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