Since 2011, ACTED has been providing humanitarian aid and has supported civils society and local governance building throughout Libya, from its offices in Tripoli and Benghazi, as well as Tunis. The NGO responds to the humanitarian challenges faced by the country and supports displaced people, who are particularly vulnerable in the current context. . Under its Civil Initiatives Libya banner, ACTED is also offering capacity building, grants, and networking opportunities to civil society and local governance actors. Community resilience is further enhanced with the capacity building of social enterprises.

Mission context

As the conflict in Libya entered its fourth year, 217,000 families are still displaced, unable to return to their homes due to insecurity and violence. The 279,000 returnees across the country are also facing their own set of challenges, often having exhausted their financial capacities and coping mechanisms and returning to highly damaged areas with insufficient basic services infrastructures. Against the backdrop of this humanitarian crisis, the surge of migrants across Libya, estimated at between 700,000 – 1 million, has continued to go unchecked. These migrants continue to be exposed to abuse and exploitation, including detention, abduction and forced labour, and limited capacity to seek support. The current protection system for refugees and migrants in the country is very fragile.

ACTED in Libya

ACTED’s ongoing programmes aim to respond to the country’s most pressing emergency needs whilst building the resilience of communities through support to civil society, local governance, and social enterprises. Emergency programming includes providing unconditional multi-purpose cash transfers and deploying a cash-based rapid response in case of sudden crisis; establishing a helpline referring vulnerable people to protection services. Additionally, civil society programing includes providing organisational support to civil society organisations implementing quick impact projects. Furthermore, ACTED is offering capacity building, grants, and networking opportunities to civil society and local governance actors under its Civil Initiatives Libya banner.

ACTED, 2017
ACTED hosted a springboard training for women in Benghazi Training Centre

Current projects

Support to the humanitarian community in delivering a coordinated and evidence-based response in Libya

Gender-sensitive Multi-Sector Cash Assistance to Vulnerable Households in Western Libya

Increasing evidence-based programming and decision making in Libya

Assistance to vulnerable populations in Libya through cash, QIPs and communication with communities

Mixed migration flow monitoring and market monitoring

Key challenges and coping strategies of refugee and migrant children

Multi-sectoral needs assessment

Support to youth as actors of positive change through the promotion of social entrepreneurship

Joint Market Analysis Initiative

Emergency response to vulnerable displaced persons and other affected population

Unconditional Cash-based assistance to highly vulnerable households in the Western region in Libya

Multi-sector needs assessment and support of Cash Working Group

Integrated emergency response and protection assistance to conflict affected populations

Support to Libyan local actors to improve services delivery and reconstruction efforts

Local development planning approach for Libyan municipalities

Projet pour le développement communautaire dans le contexte des mouvements migratoires mixtes

Support to the University of Benghazi for capacity building of Libyan civil service executives

Benghazi Medical Center (BMC) Medicines and Small Consumables Procurement Project

Supplying Medicine to Benghazi Medical Center

Youth Mobility and Regional Integration of Maghreb countries

Youth Mobility in the Maghreb Region

ACTED, 2017
Arts Exhibition in ACTED Training Center, Benghazi



October 2017

Overview of ACTED programmes in Libya
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