ACTED has been present in Lebanon since 2006, with a coordination office in the capital Beirut and an operational base in Akkar. In response to the Syrian crisis, ACTED Lebanon delivers support to refugee and host communities, responding simultaneously to emergency and development needs through a community-driven approach. The NGO also implements projects to rehabilitate infrastructure and territories, and supports civil society and micro-enterprises in the health, education and environment sectors.

Mission context

Lebanon’s political system is deeply polarized, reflecting the country’s long history of conflicts and governmental gridlock. This socio-political division has led to poor allocation of resources, limited outreach of government services, inconsistent policies and lack of capacity to address development issues. These issues have been compounded by the scale and protracted nature of the Syrian refugee crisis, which has led to an influx of over 1.5 million Syrian refugees, making Lebanon home to the highest number of refugees per capita. Moreover, unemployment and high levels of informal labour were already a serious problem pre-crisis, with the World Bank suggesting that the Lebanese economy would need to create six times as many jobs just to absorb the regular market entrants. However, economic opportunities for the most vulnerable are on the decline and competition over jobs is cited as a primary driver of tension by both communities.

ACTED in Lebanon

ACTED Lebanon delivers support to refugee and host communities, responding simultaneously to emergency and development needs through a community-driven approach. Our programmes focus on engagement and capacity building of local authorities and civil society, with the aim of promoting accountable governance and civic engagement in tackling Lebanon’s greatest issues. ACTED aims to promote social protection and suitable living conditions for the most vulnerable, implementing emergency cash, WASH, shelter, and protection support. In order to address issues of employment and contribute to social stability, ACTED is working to improve local communities’ coping capacity to promote sustainable growth and empower local institutions and civil society actors to meaningfully engage with the private sector, while promoting income generating and livelihoods opportunities for vulnerable populations.


Current projects

Support improved provision of basic social and health services through local capacity building in Lebanon and Iraqi Kurdistan

Urban neighbourhoods mobilized to respond to water, sanitation, hygiene, shelter and protection needs

Mobilising institutions and civil society to advocate and support sustainable livelihoods and protection for the most vulnerable communities

Syrian refugee and host community needs assessment in Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq

Providing Lebanese and Jordanian communities hosting Syrian refugees with improved WASH infrastructure and facilities at community, institution, and household level

Food for Assets – Livelihoods in North Lebanon

Wellbeing of Urban Refugees: Syrians and Hosts in Jordan and Lebanon

Humanitarian Situation Monitoring in Syria, besieged/hard to reach profiling and rapid assessments

Towards an active participation of civil society in the reform process

Black Water Solutions: Improving Stormwater Management

lncreasing local community involvement in solid waste management

Empowering vulnerable women through protection support and practical skills training

Respond to the housing and water, sanitation and hygiene needs and promote community dialogue

Social Protection and Economic Inclusion Programme

LEADERS – Promoting inclusive local economic empowerment and development

Integrated Landscape Regeneration for Food Resilience Project

Support to the North Lebanon Water Establishment in improving water supply in target municipalities of Akhar district

Strengthening youth and female leadership in local and national decision-making processes in 3 MENA countries


Emergency response

July 2017

ACTED's response to the Syrian crisis in Lebanon - 2016-2017

ACTED’s Approach

October 2017

Landscape Regeneration and Sustainable Agricultural Practices in Lebanon

ACTED Report

August 2018

Lebanon Olive & Honey Value Chains Analysis

ACTED Report

August 2018

Lebanon Honey Value Chain Analysis

ACTED Report

August 2018

Lebanon Olive Value Chain Analysis
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