Empowering civil society and youth for an inclusive digital transformation

Lebanon Strengthening Institutions and Civil Society
February 2023
August 2025

This intervention aims to increase the participation of 10 youth-led CSOs at the national level within governance processes through enhanced technical, operational, and institutional capacities, improving CSOs ability to advocate for positive change. In parallel and recognizing the important role that youth-led MSMEs/Start-ups will play in Lebanon’s economic recovery, the technical capacities of 10 youth-led MSMEs/Start-ups will be strengthened where necessary and the way they operate will be digitally transformed. The Action will also target at least 200 youth in marginalised communities where ESA will lead workshops in these communities on business development skills.

Current projects

Cash assistance to address the immediate food and basic needs of Lebanese and migrants most severely impacted by the economic crisis

Pillar 2 and 3: Localized and more accountable, inclusive and coordinated humanitarian response across pockets of vulnerability across Baalbek and a second location to be identified

Enable a more accountable, evidence-based and inclusive response : Multi-sectorial Needs Assessment Phase II Support for Evidence-Based Aid Planning and Delivery in Lebanon 2022

Support in the implementation of a community-based awareness campaign Solid Waste Management

Multi-sectoral Needs Assessment Support for effective coordination on a principled and evidence-based quality humanitarian response in Lebanon in 2022

Sustainability, income generation and job creation through the support of irrigation and water collection infrastructure in Lebanon (Phase IV)

WASH assistance to support water governance and public water and wastewater services in Lebanon for host and refugee communities