Acted has been operating in Chad since 2004, with a national coordination office in N'Djamena, and three bases in Bol, Daboua and Adré, covering the Lac Province in the west, and the Ouaddaï, Sila and Wadi Fira provinces in the east. The NGO provides a comprehensive response to the multi-sectoral needs of a population affected by both structural problems and cyclical shocks.

Mission context

Chad’s persistent, forgotten and underfunded crisis situation is the result of a combination of multidimensional factors, combining deep-rooted structural causes (low human development, climate change and limited public investment) and frequent cyclical shocks (conflicts, economic crises, epidemics, climatic hazards).

More than 6.9 million people need emergency humanitarian aid and support to strengthen their livelihoods. Of these, nearly 4.7 million are directly affected by malnutrition and food insecurity, 3.7 million have water, hygiene and sanitation needs, and 1.3 million have education needs.

Since the outbreak of conflict in neighboring Sudan in April 2023, hundreds of thousands of displaced Sudanese and Chadian returnees have crossed the border to escape the fighting. Particularly vulnerable, these people require emergency aid and sustainable solutions to facilitate their integration. These displacements have also weakened the situation of host communities, as services have become saturated and natural resources have become scarce in the area.

Acted in Chad

projects in 2023
233 900
euros budget
Construction of shelters in the Ourang refugee camp in eastern Chad in July 2023
Distribution of cash aid, Melea site, Chad, March 2023
Food distribution, Tataverom site, Chad, March 2023
Referral of cases of malnutrition, Melea site, Chad, March 2023

Acted provides in Chad emergency assistance to the most vulnerable populations through programs to combat food insecurity, improve access to water, hygiene and sanitation infrastructures and provide shelter, while supporting them in building and strengthening resilience capacities, promoting the exploitation and management of sustainable natural resources, as well as education for the most vulnerable children. The NGO is a partner of the Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM)* in the Lac province and is one of the actors responding to the Sudanese refugee crisis in eastern Chad.

Acted Tchad’s programmatic strategy focuses on 4 areas of intervention:

  1. Effective deployment of multi-sectoral emergency responses adapted to the needs of the population.
  2. The development of camp coordination and camp management expertise
  3. Strengthen people’s resilience building on local knowledge and resources.
  4. Strengthening access to a sustainable education system for all.

*The Rapid Response Mechanism is a mechanism for the humanitarian sector to have access to rapid funding, in order to monitor humanitarian action, conduct multisector assessments, and respond to households suffering from a crisis

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Current projects

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