ACTED’s has been present in Uzbekistan since 1999, implementing projects nationwide that enhance the capacity of civil society and foster opportunities for sustainable and inclusive development. ACTED’s vision in Uzbekistan aligns with our global 3Zero programmatic strategy, with a particular emphasis on fighting gender-based violence, strengthening institutions and civil society, and the promotion of green and inclusive economic opportunities.

Mission context

ACTED has been present in Uzbekistan since 1999 and implements nationwide projects that build civil society capacity and promote sustainable and inclusive development opportunities. ACTED’s programmes focus on combating gender-based violence, strengthening institutions and civil society, and promoting green and inclusive economic opportunities.

Environmental degradation and water management issues remain major challenges, particularly in the Aral Sea region, which means that sustainable agricultural practices and climate-smart technologies are an increasing necessity. Rural communities, historically dependent on agriculture, face barriers in accessing basic services and economic opportunities. These circumstances present a specific challenge for women. Despite progress in promoting gender equality, gender-based violence remains widespread and the lack of services for survivors is an obstacle to the development of women’s rights and their economic empowerment.

ACTED in Uzbekistan

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ACTED’s programmes in Uzbekistan are cross-cutting and aim to address several challenges in parallel. ACTED has worked intensively with civil society organisations to strengthen their capacity to work on key issues, such as improving the rights and protection of women and vulnerable groups. ACTED has also launched gender mainstreaming initiatives and participatory mechanisms for stakeholders and government institutions in the areas of water management and rural economic development. In addition, recent projects have promoted sustainable approaches to community-based tourism. Indeed, ensuring a just and green economic transition is at the heart of ACTED’s strategy.

The 3Zero in Uzbekistan

ACTED’s regional ‘Silk Road Community-Based Tourism’ (CBT) and ‘Set to Switch’ projects unite at the heart of the 3Zero strategy. The projects strengthen the ability of civil society, micro-finance institutions, and the private sector to tap into the region’s rich and diverse history, culture and natural beauty. Through a comprehensive set of complementary activities, the projects help foster an enabling environment for a green and diversified tourism sector in Central Asia that benefits communities.

Representatives from civil society organisations and government institutions participate in a training on gender-based prevention and responses in Tashkent © ACTED
The leadership skills of women working in Mahalla Development Units are enhanced via an ACTED project to facilitate demand driven investments in infrastructure and services in the Fergana Valley © ACTED.
Participants join a community-focused health analysis session to discuss the causes of minor illnesses in Tosh Yuli, Andijan region © ACTED.
ACTED in cooperation with the national NGO Yuksalish, launch a training event to strengthen ties between government institutions and civil society organisations in Tashkent © ACTED.
Representatives from civil society organisations take part in capacity-building session in Tashkent © ACTED.


Silk Road CBT Initiative


Sustainable Energy for Tourism (SET)


Effective Governance for Economic Development (EGED)


Strenghtening the Capacity of Civil Society to Ensure Protection of Women at Risks and Survivors of Domestic Violence in Central Asia

Current projects

Central Asia Water, Environment and Climate Change Cooperation (WECOOP III)

Silk Road CBT Initiative: Connecting Central Asian Community-Based Tourism and European Markets

Bolstering the Competitiveness of Small Community-Based Tourism Businesses through Enhanced Regional Cooperation in Uzbekistan and wider Central Asia

Promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy production in the community-based tourism sector in Central Asia