Uzbekistan is a resource-rich, double-landlocked country in the heart of Central Asia, and the most populated country in the region. Starting in September 2017, the government began implementing an ambitious program of policy reforms aimed at liberalizing markets and accelerating the private sector.

Environmental degradation and use of water intense cotton farming have contributed to serious environmental challenges in Uzbekistan, and have increased the need for sustainable water management practices and renewable energy sources.  Although, Uzbekistan has made some advances in the promotion of women’s rights – gender-based violence remains a problem in Uzbekistan and there remains limited access to services, such as legal aid, psychological support and access to shelters.

ACTED has been active in Uzbekistan since 1999 and a key development actor in the country – supporting inclusive, sustainable economic development, local governance, civil society capacity building, women’s rights, housing and infrastructure, microfinance, health education, and water supply and sanitation. ACTED’s programmes in Uzbekistan are particularly focused on fostering inclusion of marginalized groups in rural areas and empowering local civil society.

ACTED in Uzbekistan

Our achievements in 2020...

>4,000 people
benefitted from ACTED's efforts to improve basic services

-Access to drinking water

– Basic sanitation services

– Information

>260 CSOs and Governmental Institutions
benefitted from ACTED's capacity building work

ACTED has been supporting sustainable, inclusive development in Uzbekistan for over 20 years, with a focus on widening access to basic services as well as strengthening the role of civil society as a driver of sustainable social and economic development in the rural and remote regions of the country.

Most recently, ACTED has played a leading role in strengthening capacities to prevent gender-based and domestic violence; empowering local civil society and local authorities as drivers of inclusive development; and supporting the growth of sustainable private sector development, community-based tourism and eco-tourism. Finally, ACTED provides health education and works to build basic water, hygiene and sanitation infrastructure to guarantee clean water to children in rural areas.

ACTED is highly active in capacity building in women's CSOs
ACTED works in Uzbek schools to improving sanitation facilities and spread messaging on best practices
Training for CSOs on working with local authorities. Representatives of Fergana Valley CSOs, 3-day training receiving certificates of completion
Capacity building training for CSOs in Fergana Valley, Uzbekistan
Capacity building training, ACTED and Nationwide Movement ‘Yuksalish’ launch trainings to strengthen cooperation between local authorities and civil society organizations

Current projects

Central Asia Water, Environment and Climate Change Cooperation (WECOOP III)

Food For Education 2019 Uzbekistan

Silk Road CBT Initiative: Connecting Central Asian Community-Based Tourism and European Markets

Bolstering the Competitiveness of Small Community-Based Tourism Businesses through Enhanced Regional Cooperation in Uzbekistan and wider Central Asia

Promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy production in the community-based tourism sector in Central Asia

Strengthening Civil Society to Advance Women’s Rights through Advocacy, Protection and Empowerment in Uzbekistan