ACTED has been present in Moldova since March 2022, to respond to the needs of refugees coming from Ukraine and support socio-economic resilience of host communities. To achieve this, ACTED has provided site support management to all accredited Refugee Accommodation Centers (RAC) and has strengthened local disaster risk reduction strategies.

The Republic of Moldova is a former Soviet Union country that declared its independence in 1990. Even though Moldova has achieved substantial progress on key development indicators, it remains one of the poorest countries in Europe. Key challenges include economic instability, massive out migration and low socio-economic resilience, particularly in rural areas. In 2022, Moldova has been impacted by the Ukrainian crisis  with almost 641,000 people crossing the border from Ukraine and around 98,000 refugees deciding to remain in Moldova. The situation has been exacerbated during the winter of 2022 by the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the energy crisis, and the significant rise in inflation.

ACTED in Moldova

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ACTED works in Moldova to respond to the needs of Ukrainian refugees, host communities and vulnerable populations. ACTED’s operations in Moldova are structured around both, short term emergency response actions and Medium / long-term interventions. Through short-term emergency response programs, ACTED has provided Ukrainian refugees with accommodation and transportation assistance and has provided technical support to official Refugee Accommodation Centres (RACs) across the country. and transporting persons arriving in Moldova from Palanca and Otaci border crossings. Additionally, ACTED has worked to build safety needs for refugees and host communities through the provision of multipurpose cash assistance and hygiene kits. In the longer term, ACTED is working to boost disaster preparedness and disaster-risk reduction through continued support to local authorities and civil society, as well as aiming to boost the socioeconomic resilience of vulnerable communities.


3Zero in Moldova

ACTED is engaged in the 2020-2025 Program strategy that includes the 3Zero policy. The mission in Moldova tackles primarily the Zero Poverty pillar, by providing access to basic services such as Non-Food Items or hygiene kits distribution to the Ukrainian refugees in the RACs or at the borders. Moreover, the Zero Exclusion Pillar is being linked to the humanitarian actions that ACTED is engaged in, such as Transportation of the Ukrainian refugees from Palanca and Otaci crossing points from the Moldo-Ukrainian border.

For 2023, ACTED intends to implement new projects whose aim is to strengthen the local resilience to overcome the negative consequences of the hazards that hit this country yearly. Last, ACTED wants in 2023 to develop the Zero Carbon pillar and has already started promoting the ecological background in the office.

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