Burkina Faso

Mission context

The northern regions of Burkina Faso (Sahel, North, Centre-North, East and Boucle de Mouhoun) present a fragile political and security context, marked by a complex multidimensional crisis. Since September 2019, the situation has deteriorated sharply and many people have been forced to flee their homes because of the violence. These population movements impact the economic and social fabric, as well as the livelihoods of displaced communities and host populations. The large number of IDPs adds additional pressure on the resources available in the host areas and has a significant impact on the humanitarian situation of the host populations. As a result, the capacity to provide access to basic goods and social services by the government, local authorities and the humanitarian community is limited, thus affecting resilience capacities. This is compounded by chronic food and nutrition insecurity, droughts and other climate change-related phenomena that have severely affected the country in recent years.

There are now 2.2 million people in need of humanitarian assistance with critical needs in all sectors, of whom 1.2 million are food insecure. There are currently 838,548 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the country, an increase of about 1.86% since 12 February 2020, and 1200% since January 2019. Populations affected by internal displacement live in conditions of extreme vulnerability and require integrated humanitarian assistance.

ACTED in Burkina Faso

ACTED has been present in Burkina Faso since July 2019 through humanitarian actions in the North, North-Central, Central and Sahel  regions. Our objective is to provide a multisectoral emergency response to displaced families and vulnerable host communities through three essential sectors, in close coordination with the humanitarian actors present in the region.

  • Water, Hygiene and Sanitation support
  • Support for the construction of Shelters and Essential Household Goods and the distribution of livelihood opportunities (in the form of non-food items and cash transfers).
  • Assistance in Food Protection and Safety
  • Support to governance in IDP sites through support/strengthening of community and leadership/empowerment systems.

The current intervention is part of a more global stabilisation programme, in line with ACTED’s commitment to the Humanitarian-Development Nexus. It also intends to replicate the regional approach of the organization (also present in Mali and Niger) in Burkina Faso.

For the implementation of its projects, ACTED has opened an office in the capital (Ouagadougou), as well as two field bases in Ouahigouya (Northern region) and Kaya (Central-Northern region).

ACTED Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, 2020

Multisectoral emergency response in areas of high insecurity

ACTED’s humanitarian action in Burkina Faso revolves around three complementary axes:

  • ACTED distributes emergency non-food items to several hundreds of displaced families in the North, North-Central and Central regions, in coordination with the main humanitarian actors and stakeholders of the sector.
  • In the same areas, ACTED organizes unconditional financial transfers in order to rapidly respond to the multisectoral needs of its beneficiaries. The amounts and distribution modalities (cash, vouchers or via mobile phones) are harmonized according to the recommendations of the humanitarian working group on food security and cash allocations, and in line with ACTED’s standard procedures for cash transfer programmes. These first two actions are part of Burkina Faso’s Emergency Plan 2019, which mentions as one of the priorities “the provision of non-food assistance (cash assistance, distribution of kitchen kits, shelters, blankets) to people in displacement situations related to security incidents as well as to host communities in order to address the urgent needs of these vulnerable populations”.
  • ACTED is providing emergency Water, Hygiene and Sanitation assistance to displaced families and vulnerable host families in the North and Central-North region. This aid takes the form of an allocation of hygiene kits and hygiene awareness sessions. These activities are coordinated with humanitarian actors in the sector, and take into account the standards and recommendations resulting from the EHA/WASH (Water, Hygiene and Sanitation) working group and SPHERE standards.
ACTED Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, 2020

Geographic diversification and regional approach

Concerned by the increase in insecurity in the East and South-West of the country, ACTED is also reflecting on how to respond to the degradation of the socio-economic context in these areas, capitalizing on its presence in Niger, Mali and Ivory Coast.


ACTED is registered with INSO (International NGO Safety Organisation), and coordinates with OCHA (UN Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) and other humanitarian partners present in the field.

ACTED will keep working in close cooperation with I/NGO staff, local authorities and community leaders and to report on trends to the Clusters and partners working within the targeted areas. Furthermore, ACTED co-leads the WASH cluster in region Nord, and is an active member of the Shelter (Abris)/NFI (Non Food Items), FSL (Sécurité Alimentaire) and Protection clusters, as well as the INGO (International NGO Forum) Forum and INSO (International NGO Safety Organisation). Finally, ACTED ensures an informed and coordinated humanitarian response in the northern regions of the country affected by the displacement crisis, informing other humanitarian actors on its ongoing activities.

Current projects

Coordinated action for multi-sectoral programming in and out of camps

Coordinated Action for Multi-Sector Programming in Camp and Out-of-Camp Settings

Coordinated Action for Multi-Sector Programming in Camp and Out-of-Camp Settings