Burkina Faso

Mission context

Already marked by a complex multidimensional crisis following the events in Mali in 2012, the Lake Chad crisis and the emergence of new regional migration flows, Burkina Faso is now facing an unprecedented humanitarian emergency due to a sudden escalation in violence. In recent years, the country has also experienced chronic food and nutrition insecurity, droughts and other climate-change-related phenomena. These crises have triggered major population movements and have severely degraded the economic fabric and livelihoods of the affected populations. The scale of upheaval has restricted the ability of the State and local actors from providing adequate access to basic social goods and services, thus affecting the resilience capacity of the affected populations.

As of May 2019, there were 1.2 million people in need of humanitarian assistance and more than 170,000 displaced.

ACTED in Burkina Faso

ACTED has been present in Burkina Faso since early 2019 through humanitarian actions in the northern regions and Sahel (Soum). Our objective is to provide a multisectoral emergency response to displaced families and vulnerable host communities in the northern region and adjacent areas of the Sahel (Soum), through support in terms of water, hygiene and sanitation and livelihood distributions (in the form of non-food items and cash transfers), in close coordination with humanitarian actors. The ongoing intervention is part of a more global stabilisation programme, in line with ACTED’s commitment to Nexus Humanitarian-Development. We also intend to replicate the organization’s regional approach (also present in Mali and Niger) in Burkina Faso.

In 2019, ACTED established an office in the Burkinabe capital Ouagadougou to facilitate the commencement of programming and the opening of field bases in Ouahigouya (northern region) and Djibo (Sahel region).



A multisectoral emergency response in areas of high insecurity

ACTED’s humanitarian action in Burkina Faso is based on three complementary components:

– First, ACTED distributes emergency non-food items to several hundred displaced families in the northern and Sahel region, in coordination with key humanitarian actors and stakeholders in the sector’s decision-making processes.

– In the same area, ACTED also organizes unconditional financial transfers in order to respond quickly to the multisectoral needs of its beneficiaries. The amounts and modalities of distribution (cash, vouchers or possibly via mobile phones) are harmonized according to the recommendations of the Humanitarian Working Group on Food Security and Cash Allocations, and in line with ACTED’s standard procedures for cash transfer programming. These first two actions are part of Burkina Faso’s 2019 Emergency Plan, which mentions as one of its priorities “non-food assistance (cash assistance, distribution of kitchen kits, shelters, blankets) to people in displacement situations linked to security incidents as well as to host communities in order to meet the urgent needs of these vulnerable populations.”

– Finally, ACTED is providing emergency water, hygiene and sanitation assistance to displaced and vulnerable host families in the northern region. This assistance takes the form of an allocation of a hygiene kit and community hygiene promotion sessions. ACTED coordinates these activities with humanitarian actors in the sector, and takes into account the norms and recommendations of the WASH Working Group and the SPHERE Standards.

Strengthen the resilience of vulnerable populations living on the margins of the conflict areas of the Three Borders

Based on the needs identified during ACTED’s exploration mission in the northern region of Burkina Faso in February 2019,  ACTED intends to provide an integrated, inclusive and multisectoral response to vulnerable and displaced local communities in the northern region, through three interconnected blocks of activities:

– Capacity building and mobilization of civil society organizations (CSOs) for the implementation of quick-impact actions that promote resilience and social cohesion.

– Technical assistance to institutional actors for the renewal of local development plans through a territory-based approach, and support for maintaining access to basic social services, especially for the most vulnerable populations.

– The identification and launch of priority actions for the stabilization of target communities, mainly in the sectors of (1) agriculture and livestock; (2) water, hygiene and sanitation; (3) food security and nutrition; and (4) education, in particular to address the increasing closure of training centre schools in rural areas in this area.

Geographical diversification and regional approach

Concerned about the increase in insecurity in the East and South-West of the country, ACTED is also considering ways to respond to the deteriorating socio-economic context in these areas, capitalizing on its presence in Niger and Côte d’Ivoire.


Current projects

A predictable capacity for joint and impartial multi-sector needs assessments to humanitarian response planning, GLOBAL

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