ACTED has been present in Yemen since 2012 with one coordination offices in Sana’a , and seven operational offices across the country. ACTED intervenes in eight governorates of the country (Aden, Al Dhale’e, Al Hudaydah, Lahj, Dhamar, Raymah, Sa’adah and Marib), responding to the specific humanitarian and developmental needs of each area.

Mission context

Protracted conflict, currency value shocks, fuel shortages, extreme food insecurity, massive levels of internal displacement, multiple concurrent epidemics, flooding, droughts, and widespread poverty fuel the current humanitarian crisis in Yemen, considered by the UN as one of the worst in the world.

By the end of 2022, the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) predicts that 26.1 million of Yemenis will find themselves in acute food and livelihood crisis or in Humanitarian Emergency level (IPC 4) and 161,000 will be in a situation of famine (IPC 5). , and 1.3 million pregnant and lactating women are expected to suffer from acute malnutrition.

In Yemen, climate change has recently impacted rain patterns, causing intermittent droughts, flooding, locust swarms, destroying agricultural livelihoods, infrastructure, and reducing access to clean water.  3.3 million people are internally displaced in the country , with a majority lacking access to jobs, healthcare and adequate shelter.  Unpredictable exchange rate shocks have reduced the purchasing power for millions of Yemeni families, resulting in many families relying on negative coping mechanisms.


ACTED in Yemen

projects in 2022
civil society organisations supported in 2022
vulnerable households received 3.1 million USD in cash assistance
patients can be treated in the new Outpatient & Cardiovascular Helath Facility in Dhamar
Water points, sources & networks were restored/built in 2022
camps under CCCM activities conducted by ACTED

Key areas of intervention focus both on providing emergency response and works on long-term development, depending on each project location’s unique context. ACTED acts on several key sectors

  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH),
  • Food Security and Livelihoods,
  • Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM),
  • Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Construction,
  • Economic Recovery,
  • Promotion of Local Civil Service Organizations,
  • Good Governance Capacity Building,
  • and Cash & Voucher Programs.

These partnerships add great value to ACTED’s interventions through the harmonization of aid, creating referral pathways for beneficiaries, and by fostering complementary projects amongst INGOs to create a cohesive multi-sectoral response to the dynamic humanitarian crisis in Yemen.


3Zero in Yemen

ACTED Yemen strives to include environmental sustainability into all of its interventions. Rehabilitated Water Points and Water Sources are powered by Solar Panels, livestock activities utilize local animals, infrastructure rehabilitations and construction projects use locally sourced materials, and ACTED leads cleaning and waste management campaigns in its IDP camps.

ACTED staff in Dhamar, Yemen training beekeeping beneficiaries under the ongoing Durable Solutions project funded by the European Union © ACTED.
ACTED staff overseeing the construction of an Outpatient Health Facility in Dhamar, Yemen © ACTED.
ACTED CCCM Team visiting an IDP site in Marib, Yemen © ACTED.

Current projects

Comprehensive Emergency response to communities affected by Displacement, Health and Environmental shocks through WASH and Shelter/CCCM interventions in South and North Yemen
Evidence-Based Planning and Programming for Humanitarian Actors in Yemen
Fourniture d’une assistance intégrée en matière de CCCM et d’abris/Infrastructures de survie pour améliorer les conditions de vie des personnes déplacées vulnérables dans les gouvernorats d’Abyan, d’Al Hodeidah et d’Hajjah.
Cash Consortium of Yemen (CCY) Harmonized Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance to Meet Critical Basic Needs Among Vulnerable Households
Provision of life saving WASH assistance to vulnerable IDP and Host Community households in Al Wady District, Marib Governorate, Yemen
Comprehensive Emergency Response to Communities Affected by Displacement, Health and Environmental Shocks in Yemen