SIRGE: Working Towards Climate-Smart Cattle Farming in Uganda

The EU-funded project SIRGE* aims to contribute to the climate-relevant, productive and sustainable transformation of agriculture and food systems in Uganda.

Meeting consumer demand while minimizing environmental impact

Meeting the growing and changing consumer demands for food and animal proteins, while reducing environmental and social impacts, is a current challenge facing the international beef industry.

In Uganda, the beef industry is an important contributor to the national food system. As such, it is crucial to identify economically and environmentally sustainable methods of production that contribute to long-term food security. Moreover, livestock contributes both directly and indirectly to climate change and global warming through their greenhouse gas emissions.




ACTED is implementing this project in Mbarara and Nakasongola Districts of Uganda.

What we do


Our project consists in fostering innovation and access of rural communities and institutions to new technologies for rural transformation through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impacts associated with the beef industry, as Uganda is lacking in effective livestock emissions policies, relevant date, infrastructures and awareness of the role of livestock farming in climate change.

The SIRGE project will include

  • Estimation of methane emissions using drone and satellite date
  • Estimation of carbon sequestration capacity in cattle rangelands
  • Investigation and improvement of cattle diets to respond to methane emissions
  • Development of a database for monitoring livestock-related greenhouse gas emissions

These activities will help Uganda face significant challenges as the impacts of climate change begin to be felt in the country.


This project is EU-funded and implemented with partner AgriTechTalk Africa (ATTA) and in association with Uganda’s Climate Change Department within the Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE-CCD).



*SIRGE = Strengthen an Innovative System for the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Environmental Impacts of the Nascent Beef Industry in Uganda in Support to Rural Sustainable Transformation