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VIDEO: How are we helping farming communities adapt to Climate Change?

In the Karamoja region of northeast Uganda, communities are reliant upon a single harvest each year.

Dry periods are a concern not just for nutrition levels and livelihoods but also with regard to peace and stability: A poor or missed harvest can increase the likelihood that individuals will, in desperation, turn to armed cattle-raiding for survival.

It is in the face of this challenge that ACTED began working with communities in Karamoja to build resilience to climate-related shocks, such as extended dry seasons and associated periods of food insecurity.

80 percent of people in Karamoja live in poverty
200 people
were killed as a result of cattle raids in 2020

In line with the REVIVE component of ACTED’s global THRIVE strategy, project activities involved:

  • training in climate-smart agricultural techniques
  • development of water-harvesting earthworks
  • development of tree nurseries
  • large-scale tree planting,
  • and capacity building in holistic land and livestock management practices.


18 km
of hand-dug, water-harvesting trenches (swales)
120 beneficiaries
trained in improved agricultural practices
Establisment of a multi-purpose centre for resilient and climate-smart agriculture training