Earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria: help us respond to the urgent needs of affected populations

On Monday February 6, 2023, two earthquakes struck Türkiye and Syria, causing a heavy human loss. Nearly 45,000 people died in the earthquake (Feb. 16th). More than 105,000 people were injured and thousands of buildings collapsed, leaving many without a home.

From February 6th, ACTED mobilised its emergency teams to provide immediate assistance in Türkiye and in Syria. The affected populations have multiple and very essential needs including in medical care, food, water, shelter and protection. ACTED supported 60,000+ people since February 6th in both Syria and Türkiye.


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Affected populations urgently need assistance

Low temperatures and deteriorating weather conditions are exacerbating the vulnerability of communities, especially those now without a home and displaced in camps and collective centers.

Affected populations need medical care, but also to be provided with food, water and temporary shelter to fight the cold.

ACTED in action

Damage to the infrastructure and the already vulnerable communities, is very significant. Since the beginning of the earthquakes, ACTED has been mobilizing its emergency teams to carry out rapid assessments and provide immediate assistance wherever possible in Türkiye and Syria, where ACTED relies on nearly ten years of expertise.

ACTED’s action is carried out in liaison with the authorities and local associations present on the field.

As early as February 7th, ACTED’s partners Aides Actions Internationales, Pompiers de l’Urgence Internationale and Pompiers Missions Humanitaires have started to carry out relief operations for the populations still under the rubble.

Distributions have been taking place in the affected areas since February 13th.

ACTED is mobilised in Türkiye in the regions of Hatay, Adiyaman and Kahramanmaraş, and act to support people through:

  • the distribution of food kits
  • the distribution of hygiene kits
  • the distribution of emergency shelter kits and tents
  • the distribution of baby kits
  • the installation of water tanks and the water supply, hygiene and sanitation: ACTED has notably installed four water tanks in Hatay benefiting 25,000 people
  • multi-purpose cash assistance to help the affected population meet their basic needs
Distribution of blankets and food kits in Antakya.

ACTED has mobilised its teams in Syria to provide a multi-sectoral assistance including:

  • the distribution of shelter kits and non-food items
  • the distribution of food kits, including ready-to-eat meals
  • the provision of water, hygiene and sanitation
  • the distribution of vouchers and multi-purpose cash assistance to meet people’s basic needs by encouraging self-reliance and flexibility
  • the implementation of cash-for-work schemes, which can focus on debris removal or waste collection

ACTED aims to provide medium and long term support to affected populations by promoting inclusive growth and recovery opportunities for the population.

Water supply by truck.

ACTED’s expertise and local knowledge will allow for a rapid response and support to earthquake-affected populations. ACTED plans activities to:

  • Provide food assistance through cash transfers or vouchers.
  • Participate in the construction and rehabilitation of essential infrastructure for communities such as water, sanitation and hygiene buildings and schools.
  • Support local actors in the emergency response.

Testimony of Emrah, employee at ACTED (in Antakya)