Acted opened the Benin mission in September 2023 to respond to the displacement crisis in northern Côte d'Ivoire and to support coordination for better preparation for the deterioration of the humanitarian situation.

Mission context

Northern Benin is directly experiencing the effects of the deterioration of the security situation in the Sahel, which is leading to population movements in the north of the country, due to attacks perpetrated in the south of Burkina Faso. Faced with this, the preparation and response capacities for the humanitarian emergency are not sufficient.

Acted in Benin

The analysis of the needs and the situation in the north of the coastal countries shows the existence of humanitarian needs which the actors present are struggling to respond to while implementing a response consistent with humanitarian standards. This is due to the fact that these actors, mainly development actors, are not used to working on humanitarian standards and methodology, nor to collaborating with the authorities on these issues. It therefore seems necessary to begin a harmonization of these practices, particularly regarding the collaboration of NGOs with government authorities. More generally, it is necessary to anticipate a deterioration in the security and therefore humanitarian situation, and thus to strengthen the capacities of actors to be able to make a transition towards a humanitarian response. It is also necessary to have a humanitarian response capacity, which Acted offers through the mobilization of dedicated financial, human and logistical resources.


Acted’s response strategy therefore revolves around two axes:

  • A response axis, through which Acted will use its humanitarian expertise to respond to the urgent needs of populations affected by a displacement shock,
  • An area of preparation, in order to contribute to the opening of an operational humanitarian space, through capacity building of governmental and non-governmental actors in key sectors of the humanitarian response to displacement crises.