Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères français (MEAE)

The Minitère de l' Europe et des Affaires étrangères (MEAE) is part of th French political system.

France’s development policy is part of the new international Agenda 2030 framework which combines the fight against poverty and the three aspects of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental.

France’s work is concentrated on four key areas:

- fighting climate change and protecting the environment;
- human development and gender equality;
- economic development for social progress;
- boosting Human Rights, stability and peace.

The Crisis and Support Centre (CDCS) is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' main tool for emergency humanitarian aid. In charge of crisis management abroad, it is responsible for monitoring and analysing humanitarian issues in major geographical areas (Africa, Asia, North Africa and the Middle East, Europe and the Americas), coordinating the State's response to emergency humanitarian aid operations, ensuring relations with other humanitarian actors and carrying out missions in the field. To support its work, it has humanitarian correspondents stationed in embassies.

Through its Humanitarian Emergency Fund, CDCS provides emergency assistance in cash or in kind. In this context, it supports the NGOs whose projects it finances and with whom it maintains a regular dialogue.

Current projects

Supporting the resilience efforts of conflict-affected communities in Northeast Syria
Providing an integrated emergency response to support vulnerable populations affected by conflict through shelter and food assistance in White Nile, Sudan
Improving hygiene conditions for women refugees in Cox Bazar
Strengthening the resilience, food security and nutrition well-being of vulnerable communities in Blue Nile State