Support for flood victims in Libya

Libya Humanitarian Action
October 2023
April 2024

With the support of the City of Paris, Acted aims to distribute 500 hygiene kits to 500 families (approximately 2,500 people) and to raise awareness of the kit, the risks of water-borne diseases and hygiene practices. The distribution will take place in two phases, and the kits will include the following items: sanitary protection, toothpaste, soap, baby nappies, toothbrushes, washing powder and women's underwear. Acted plans to carry out these activities within 6 months, taking into account the two months of distribution and the time needed to carry out post-distribution activities led by our MEAL (Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning) department. Acted will concentrate its intervention in collective centres/neighbourhoods hosting people recently displaced by the floods. Acted will prioritise its intervention in Derna and more specifically in the city's collective centres (around 6 sites). However, in coordination with local authorities and local actors, Acted will monitor movements and intentions and, depending on needs, provide support in collective centres/neighbourhoods outside Derna.

Current projects

Strengthening local capacities for Resilience and Recovery Project – Murzuq
Strengthening Local Capacities for Resilience and Recovery Project – Murzuq & Ghat
Assistance to Persons of Concern through Quick Impact Project
Water, hygiene and sanitation support for flood victims in Libya
Development of a Communications Platform to promote civic engagement in local development and increase awareness on the role of CSOs
Circular economy and entrepreneurship support project in the Derna region, Libya
Providing a multi-sectoral child protection, psychosocial services, and education in emergencies response to vulnerable floods affected households in Northeastern Libya
Support for flood victims in Libya
Early Recovery for Flood Affected Communities: Linking Emergency Relief and Community Empowerment
Life-saving response to flooding in Libya
Providing an integrated multi-sectoral emergency response for flood-affected populations in Northeastern Libya
Libya Joint Response Sudden Onset 2023 (Libya ACJR)
Strengthening access to protective education and supporting evidence based humanitarian assistance in Libya
Strengthening local capacities for Resilience and Recovery
Education Cannot Wait – Multi-Year Resilience Programme for Libya