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From displacement sites to going back home

In 2013 and 2015, the Central African Republic was affected by unprecedented intercommunity conflicts. More than 2 million people (half of the country’s total population) fled their homes when armed groups attacked their towns and villages. Thousands of homes in Bangui and surroundings were looted and destroyed.

In 2016, with the security situation getting calmer in Bangui, people who had moved to safer villages or displacement sites supported by NGOs began to consider returning home. ACTED has since then implemented a project to support returning families, who are often poor and weakened by long months away from home or precarious living conditions in displacement sites.

ACTED 2017

ACTED intervened in both displacement sites and neighbourhoods of Bangui: in displacement sites, ACTED has been building emergency shelters for 12,000 people, and has been supporting 2,500 people (500 families) to rebuild their destroyed homes in their neighbourhoods in Bangui.

ACTED 2017
House entirely rebuilt in Boeing

The security crises have undermined the economic situation of the country. Consequently, jobs are rare, and people thus lack of opportunities for regular and sufficient revenues. On the top of that, most of the community infrastructure was looted or destroyed. In addition to rebuilding houses, ACTED also provided additional support to those wanting to return home, particularly youth and women, usually among the most affected groups, by providing temporary work opportunities consisting mainly in repairing school buildings and markets, and digging culverts to avoid floods during the upcoming rainy seasons. The money they earned enabled them to pay food, medicine or school fees for their children.

ACTED 2017
Sanitation work in Bangui

Thanks to the funding provided by the European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO), and ACTED’s action in the neighbourhoods of Bangui and on displacement sites, 39,000 people have now access to improved living conditions.

ACTED started interventions to support returnees in the Central African Republic as from 2014 and continues its activities in 2017 with a new project to provide multsectoral assistance in WASH and shelter.

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ACTED 2017
House being rebuilt in Boeing

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