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Rebuilding houses, rebuilding lives: Supporting Central African returnees

Since their return to their village, Ndamba, Honorine and her four children have lived in a hut made from the palm leaves. Today marks just over a year since their return from exile in neighbouring DRC, an exile sparked by conflict in her prefecture of Ouaka which displaced many of her fellow Central Africans.   
Honorine left CAR in September 2015 having lost her husband, two of her children and her house. She fled with her surviving children to a shelter having left behind all her families belongings, placing her in a deeply vulnerable situation, like so many other of the displaced.
La hutte en feuille de rôniers qui accueillait Honorine et sa famille avant le projet de reconstruction d'abris

Since August 2017, ACTED has supported 1650 families from Ouaka with a project centring on the reconstruction of shelters financed by OFDA.

One of ACTED’s teams has helped Honorine construct her family’s new shelter. With ACTED’s assistance including the distribution of building materials and the training of local community members in construction techniques, each target family can take on the responsibility of building their own shelter. Such an approach ensures buy-in from the community and a sense of ownership.

Chaque famille produit ses propres briques, ici au séchage (Ngaboko)

Today, Honorine and her children have a new roof over their head and enjoy safer housing conditions than before.

This intervention is also reaching out to the regions of Ngakobo, Kouango and Bakala, going beyond shelter assistance to provide basic trainings on farming techniques, and tool and seed distributions.

Honorine et son nouvel abri, construit avec le soutien d'ACTED