Central African Republic Aide Humanitaire

Food distributions to support Central African refugee families

The sun is already high in the sky above Bella village. One can only hear pots tinkling from beneath the improvised tent made out of tarpaulins. Suzanne, a Central African refugee, participates in a culinary demonstration, while waiting to receive her food ration for the month. Suzanne is a 77-year-old widow living in Bella with her 13 children.

Bondo and Ango territories (Bas-Uélé), safe havens for Central African refugees

The food ration we received allows us to eat twice a day. We didn't have enough to eat, especially my children. The situation is even more difficult during the rainy season

Suzanne, beneficiary of ACTED's food distributions

In May 2017, the political crisis in the Central African Republic forced thousands of people to flee their homes and cross the border into the Democratic Republic of the Congo in search of security. Some have settled in refugee camps, others have been welcomed by local communities, with whom they sometimes have family ties.

These host families shared their homes and food, but the pressure on food resources quickly caused food shortages.

Given the vulnerable situation and the absence of humanitarian assistance, the food situation of refugees and their host communities has only worsened.

ACTED organized food distributions for the most vulnerable in the region, with support of USAID. One-month food rations were distributed in a secure site, under tents protected from the sun.

The food rations distributions are coupled with information sessions. These sessions focus on culinary demonstrations to best prepare the distributed products, share the best nutritional practices, and promote diet diversification.