Lebanon Acted

Securing access to basic hygiene products for Lebanon’s most vulnerable

The onset of Covid-19 comes at an extraordinarily difficult time economically and socio-politically in Lebanon, compounding existing weaknesses and further increasing vulnerabilities.

Many families are now under extreme pressure, not only worrying about the health of their close ones but also struggling to meet their ends as they are faced with skyrocketing unemployment and a sharp rise in prices of basic goods.

As of May 13th, over 800 cases have been confirmed in Lebanon, and despite the general mobilization measures, those living in overcrowded areas such as urban suburbs or informal settlements remain at high risk of contamination.

ACTED adapted its existing Mental Health and Psychosocial Support intervention, funded by the EU MADAD Trust Fund and the Agence Française de Développement, to ensure the most appropriate and time-sensitive response to the emerging needs. ACTED and local partners provided hygiene kits to the most vulnerable families who are unable to meet their basic needs and follow good hygiene practices for their safety and the safety of their communities.

ACTED mobilized Civil Society Organizations [1] and Social Development Centers (SDCs)[2] across Lebanon to distribute the kits to 1,000 families. With sanitation products such as bleach, antiseptic liquid, and soap, they will now be able to take the necessary preventative measures and better cope with stress related to lack of preparedness to combat the virus, which has exacerbated their already-existing financial hardships.


[1] Blue Mission, Alawite Islamic Charity Association, Social, Humanitarian, Economical Intervention for Local Development, Himaya Daeem Ataa, Autism Awareness Association, and Soins Infirmiers et Développement Communautaire
[2] Haret Saida, Hay El Selom, and Al Chiyah