Support Economic Growth and Sustainable, Diversified Income Creation in Jordan

Jordan Strengthening Institutions and Civil Society
September 2021
September 2022

ACTED project “Support Economic Growth and Sustainable, Diversified Income Creation in Jordan” starting from September 30, 2021 to September 29 2023 (year 1 approved) will promote sustainable livelihoods of vulnerable Jordanian and Syrian households through integrated farming as an economic recovery mechanism in central and northern Jordan.

This will be achieved by adapting ACTED’s THRIVE flagship initiative to improve the livelihoods of vulnerable Syrian and Jordanian farmers and landless laborers through engagement in inclusive, market-based and sustainable income-generating opportunities (Objective 1); and strengthen humanitarian and development stakeholders’ capacity to respond to the changing context and needs from the pandemic through informational products on the impact of COVID-19 on microbusinesses and livelihood actors in agriculture and artisan sectors (Objective 2; led by IMPACT).

ACTED will directly support 3,125 persons in year 1 of the project in the rural areas of Mafraq, Irbid and Balqa Governorates (50% Syrians refugees and 50% Jordanians) targeting 135 households in perma-gardening, 50 households in Food processing, 50 households in artisanal income generating activities, 300 landless laborers households and 6 agro-CSOs.

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