Waste to (Positive) Energy

Jordan Zero Poverty
January 2020
November 2022

Within this three-years project, ACTED will collaborate with 6 municipalities across 2 governorates in northern Jordan to improve solid waste management practices and social cohesion among host communities and refugee populations. In Mafraq municipality, ACTED will facilitate access of approximately 843 beneficiaries that are employed within a GIZ-funded cash-for-work project (focused on recycling) to a confidential complaints & response mechanism. To foster more sustainable employment, up to 44 of these beneficiaries will be provided with post-employment grants to establish their own micro businesses. Moreover, to strengthen social cohesion across all 6 municipalities, ACTED will facilitate monthly target group-specific dialogue forums to raise awareness on recycling systems in a forum that ensures participation of host community and Syrian refugees.

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Waste to (Positive) Energy

Waste to (Positive) Energy

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