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Haiti – ACTED emergency response after hurricane Irma

Situation update on September 8, 2017

Hurricane Irma, 5 on saphir Simpson scale, passed over Haiti that night. The north-east and north-west were severely affected, particularly the coastline. The amount of water that is falling predicts flooding on the coast and inland. The most impacted areas are: Port-de-Paix – Jean Rabel in the North-West, the Ouanaminthe area on the border with the Dominican Republic also severely affected and Gonaives in the Upper Artibonite.
ACTED teams are ready to deploy in north of the country to assess needs.

A year ago, Haiti was struck by hurricane Matthew

Haiti is again struck by a hurricane, a year after hurricane Matthew hit the south of the country. On 3rd October 2016, Haiti’s southern tip was struck by Hurricane Matthew, a category 4 hurricane with average wind speed of 230km/h (145 mph) and three meters rise of sea level on the Saffir-Simpson Wind Scale in some areas. Matthew caused a lot of damage in the Grand Sud, 250 people within ACTED teams have been mobilized for a year to respond to the emergency and are now mobilized on the challenge of rehabilitation.

ACTED in Haiti

Haiti is among the most disaster-affected countries in the world. Part of the country was devastated by Hurricane Matthew in October 2016, causing damages that came on top of a cholera epidemic raging since 2010, and environmental and socio-economic issues that undermine the country. Since the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, ACTED’s projects have been focusing on responding to the urgent needs of affected populations. ACTED nowadays continues to intervene against cholera and to improve water, hygiene and sanitation management.