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Yemen : ensuring basic needs by supporting water infrastructures

The continuous conflict in Yemen has led people to seek for safer and more stable areas for living This has resulted in around 4 million people in Yemen were forced to become Internally Displaced Persons since the start of the conflict in 2015. Every day, more and more people are unable to access safe and usable water sources to meet their most basic needs.

Dhamar is a city located in northern part of Yemen, with a population of 371,034 people. It has experienced a significant increase of displaced people from its surrounding areas, all due to the city’s relative safety and stability, which in return placed a serious strain on the local services and resources. There are currently estimated 185,300 IDPs who are in a serious need of basic services such as clean water, food, health facilities and education.

In March 2020, prior to the start of its project interventions, ACTED discussed the key challenges created by this increased demand with local authorities and jointly visited a number of hospitals, water sources and communities requiring support in a two-days assessment visit to determine key needs in Dhamar governorate.

basic needs
Dhamar General Hospital Assessments

ACTED conducted an assessment visit to Dhamar general hospital in January to assess the issues resulted from the 50% increase in demand of critical medical services resulted from the significant influx of displaced people that Dhamar city has experienced lately where the number of patients can reach 1864 patients on daily basis within the hospital.

Providing access to water sanitation and hygiene in Dhamar General Hospital

Dhamar General Hospital is one of the main governmental hospitals in Dhamar governorate where people can access healthcare services. In this facility, both the host community and IDPs can have access to healthcare; The essential works in rehabilitating water infrastructures will enhance the availability of water inside Hospital for both patients and employees and solve the water shortage issues and lack of access to water which the hospital was suffering from.

basic needs
Elevated Tank next to Dhamar Hospital Sign Board

The construction started in March with digging up the soil in order to construct a solid base for the elevated tank, then moving up to the completion of the elevated tank in July 2021.

basic needs
Digging and construction works
basic needs
ACTED teams conducting soil tests

The elevated Tank is 75 cubic meters in width and 25 meter long. The number of patients to be benefitted from the elevated tank on monthly basis are 55,620 patients. In addition, the elevated tank will not just benefit regular patients, it will also benefit staff and patients from the dialysis unit.

basic needs
Dahmar Genaral Hospital's new water tank

ACTED further plans to continue its interventions in Dhamar General Hospital through constructing a well of 250 meter in width as well as paving the sidewalks inside the hospital. In addition, ACTED is planning to construct an outpatient building of two floors within Dhamar general Hospital in assistance of the overpopulation.

Aside from activities within Dhamar General Hospital, ACTED has intervened in two large neighborhoods through finishing the constructions of water network in Roma neighborhood. Furthermore, ACTED is planning to construct an elevated water tank of 110 cubic meter, water network, and solar water pumping system all within Munqidha neighborhood.


Through the EuropeAid-funded project, “Promoting Resilience and Social Cohesion Through an Integrated Response to Vulnerable Communities in Yemen”, ACTED alongside five Consortium partners works to deliver long-term, sustainable benefits to target communities. These solutions help communities strengthen their resilience and help them in becoming less dependent on humanitarian assistance.

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