Yemen Statement

Joint INGO statement on agreements reached on Yemen by warring parties

17 December 2018

Humanitarian organisations in Yemen congratulate parties to the conflict on the cooperation and persistence that have led to the most positive agreements seen for Yemeni civilians in more than three years. These represent a significant step on the road to real and lasting peace in Yemen and could have a transformative impact on a humanitarian crisis affecting millions of people.

The willingness of parties to the conflict to work jointly on a resolution to the ongoing conflict in Taiz is extremely welcome. Their agreement to a ceasefire in Hodeidah, the removal of military manifestations and actions to facilitate freedom of movement have the potential to make a substantial difference for millions of people. We are very encouraged to see that parties intend to meet again in January and hope the next round of consultations will go further towards delivering a nationwide ceasefire and an end to the war. We urge both parties to enable the participation of children and youth in this process, and to ensure that women represent at least 30% of those at the table, so that all have the opportunity to contribute to sustainable peace.

As humanitarian organisations delivering aid in Yemen, we have visibility of a crisis that is largely obscured from global view. The implications of the conflict on Yemeni civilians are far-reaching, long-lasting and necessitate the full, ongoing support of the international community. We would like to thank and commend the UN Special Envoy, Martin Griffiths, for his tireless efforts in coordinating the peace process, and for his conviction that peace in Yemen is possible. We are bolstered by the progress seen this week and committed to continuing to deliver humanitarian aid and protection to the millions who need it.