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COVID-19: Prevention campaign in the circle of Koro

The spread of Covid-19 has not spared Mali. The situation of the COVID-19 pandemic remains very worrying in areas without the means or even the knowledge to face it.

ACTED, with the support of ECHO, has implemented support activities as well as information sessions in the district of Koro. This initiative also aims at reinforcing the prevention capacities of the local populations to the risks of the pandemic. With this project, ACTED supports the Malian government in the fight against COVID-19 in the health district of Koro.

The sanitary district of Koro and ACTED have thus jointly carried out a supervision in community health centers to establish a response plan and recommendations targeted to the different needs. Among the latter, the recruitment of more staff and the need for increased sensitization of the population on barrier measures against COVID-19.

Strengthening the capacities of local health actors

ACTED has supported health actors in the fight against COVID-19, 30 agents of the health district of Koro have been trained on infection prevention and control, diagnosis and management of COVID-19 cases. In addition, 288 community actors (community health workers, community relays, and traditional therapists) were trained on measures to control the spread of COVID-19. The traditional healers are the ones who help the health workers with sensitization. This helps demystify the disease in the local community and facilitates the referral of suspected cases to health facilities.


All participants received awareness kits consisting of cloth masks, picture boxes, posters and megaphones. In the framework of the Malian government’s response plan to the COVID-19 pandemic, a case investigation and screening team has been set up in each health center of reference in Mali. ACTED has provided them with medical equipment and financial support to the team.

In February 2021, ACTED organized an information and awareness day. In order to avoid gatherings, ACTED opted for a door-to-door approach in order to reach as many people as possible and to sensitize them to the different preventive measures against COVID-19. Among the 17,544 people, nearly 10,000 women were involved.

This information session helped to strengthen the commitment of civil society in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. Many households have understood the importance of barrier gestures such as hand washing to protect themselves against the disease.

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ACTED’s teams remain mobilized in the fight against COVID-19 and bring a humanitarian response adapted to the needs of the most vulnerable and marginalized populations regarding the means of prevention of the disease.