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Disability association managing water point in Mali

In Borko village in the Bandiagara circle of central Mali, ACTED has built a borehole equipped with a human power pump (HPM) to improve access to safe drinking water in the community. An association of disabled people are managing the taps built on this well.

Borko's disabled community ensures the water taps function during harvest time

At the end of 2016, construction of a water point in Mali’s Borko village drew to a close and management was officially entrusted to the members of the community. Two years later, at the initiative of the Mayor, Hama Kassambara, the city built nine additional taps to expand access to water. However, maintaining and managing the taps became a challenge for Borko, where most communities rely on agriculture to support themselves. During harvest time, villagers work in the fields, leaving the well unmanaged.

A local association of disabled people, “DOM-Toman-Damaye,” offered its services and assumed responsibility of the management of the well. Thanks to the members of the association the operation of the taps is now ensured during the harvest period. The bucket of water costs 5 francs, and the profits are entirely donated to the association of disabled people. With these funds, the association will be able to maintain the system.

Hameye Maiga, Chargé d’AME pour ACTED, en discussions avec les représentants de l’Association d’handicapés

Limited access to water, hygiene and sanitation in the Mopti region

In Borko, access to water is more than an economic issue; it also contributes significantly to the health of the community.

Before the taps arrived, I had to walk a long way to reach a very busy well, where the water was cloudy. This chore took me hours, to the detriment of my other activities. The water point is now less than 30 meters from my house. I can now drink drinking water.


Thanks to the quality of this water, Assama and her children are healthier.

To address the continuing humanitarian situation in the Mopti region, ACTED and UNICEF are intervening in Koro, Bandiagara and Douentza in order to improve access to water, hygiene and sanitation, and prevent malnutrition.

Exemple d'utilisation d'une PMH au Mali