ACTED Global Sustainable development

ACTED joins the Global EverGreening Alliance for land restoration

ACTED is proud to now be part of the Global EverGreening Alliance, a worldwide alliance gathering multi-sector stakeholders to take action for land restoration.

Land degradation is one of the most serious issues of our time as it impacts the food security, livelihoods and survival of millions of people across the globe. This adds a layer of difficulty to the already existing vulnerabilities of populations living in conflict zones and experiencing climate shocks, poverty and isolation from public services. 

Since 2020, ACTED is implementing actions in its 40 countries of intervention for a Zero Poverty, Zero Carbon, Zero Exclusion world. This programmatic strategy has enabled us to develop projects centred on sustainable preservation and management of natural resources in various countries where we operate. We have specifically developed the THRIVE Initiative for land restoration. Through its three pillars of intervention (REVIVE, EMERGE, INTEGRATE), we are working with the communities to restore the quality of their lands while improving their resilience and income-generating activities through a holistic approach.  


Thanks to this new partnership between ACTED and the Global EverGreening Alliance, we hope to expand our knowledge and best practices on land regeneration while sharing the lessons we’ve learnt in the field.