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Seventh “charity bond” issuance – December 2021

A new "charity bond" issuance by ACTED in 2021

After six successful “charity bonds” issuances between 2012 and 2019, ACTED wishes to fundraise 9 million euros of “charity bonds” in December 2021.

With this new fundraising, the NGO pursues three objectives:

1) Strengthen its financial independence;

2) Ensure the pre-financing of humanitarian actions to increase capacity to respond to emergencies in an efficient and agile manner;

3) Support the organisation’s 3Zero strategy through its greening and digital transition, investment in innovative projects, entities and microfinance through the OXUS network;

Our mission: to support populations affected by conflicts, disasters and socio-economic crises, while helping them build a better future

Our ambition: a Zero Exclusion, Zero Carbon, Zero Poverty world

In 2020, ACTED contributed to 11 SDGs out of 17