Yemen Statement

Joint statement ahead of the Geneva consultations in Yemen

September, 5th 2018

Humanitarian organisations operating in Yemen strongly support and welcome the consultation meeting in Geneva as a first step being taken by parties to the conflict towards a political resolution.

As INGOs working in Yemen, every day we witness the devastating impact of the conflict on the lives of ordinary people, and the deteriorating humanitarian situation.

Save the Children‘s Yemen Country Director Tamer Kirolos said it was time to put an end to the suffering of millions of Yemeni children and their families.

“For close to four years, the children of Yemen have been subjected to violations of their rights from all parties to this conflict. It’s time to put aside strategic and political ambition and consider the future of this country – the children whose lives have until this point been so recklessly treated.”

Liny Suharlim, Country Director of ACTED said the international community must do its all to ensure the people of Yemen were protected from further violence and hardship.

“Conditions in Yemen are dire with more than two million people displaced from their homes, and more than eight million not knowing where their next meal will come from. Meanwhile, we remain fearful of another wave of cholera sweeping through the population with devastating effects. The humanitarian assistance we provide is a critical stopgap within a catastrophe that will only be curbed with the implementation of an inclusive and just political solution.”

A commitment from parties to the conflict to engage in an inclusive political process is now absolutely critical. The voices of women, youth and civil society are indispensable to have the needs of all parts of Yemeni society addressed. Peace in Yemen is the only way forward.