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Work with ACTED

ACTED considers its staff to be the most important resource. As such, ACTED employees enjoy exceptional support from the organisation with a wide range of benefits:


The starting salary base is defined by the ACTED salary grid, while educational level, expertise, hardship, security, and other factors are considered for pay supplements. A systematic appraisal process and annual salary review allow for rapid growth and advancement.

Living allowance

In addition to the regular salary, international staff also receives a monthly living allowance to assist with cost of living in the country of assignment. HQ staff travelling to the field is entitled to a living allowance paid on a pro-rate basis of the days spent in the field. The amount of the living allowance depends on grade level in the organisation. ACTED covers the cost of food and free housing is offered by the organisation’s guesthouses in each country of intervention.

Housing allowance

All salaried staff with a contract of at least one year and based in a “calm” security area are entitled to a housing allowance if they do not wish to live in the guesthouse. Housing allowances cover up to 50% of the average cost of accommodation in the area, and can be adjusted in the case of family based positions.

Accompanied positions

ACTED offers accompanied status to all salaried staff with a contract of at least 1 year, and who are either posted to a “calm” security area or the capital office in a “sensitive” security area. Accompanied status provides several benefits for the staff’s partner and/or children, including insurance for all family members, an increased luggage allowance (see below), and one return flight to the country of residence per year/per family member.

Luggage allowance

A luggage allowance is provided for all staff. The amount is determined by contract length and whether staff is single or accompanied.

Health Coverage

ACTED provides all staff with a health coverage plan which includes illness, maternity, invalidity, hospitalisation, repatriation (for a medical emergency or decease of an immediate family member), as well as life insurance.


Staff benefit from at least 25 vacation days. Depending on the country of operation, staff are also granted R&R days (see below).

Number of Vacation Days

Staff also benefit from national public holidays (ranging from 5-17 in ACTED Countries of Operations).

Rest and Recuperation (R&R)

ACTED grants R&R days for international staff within specific regulations depending on hardship and security factors in his/her country of assignment. The R&R days include a one week vacation package (days which are considered as regular vacation days and therefore deducted as such), a round trip ticket and visa to a nearby country not exceeding 500 USD, and a living allowance of 200 USD. Other more specific conditions apply to granting R&R.

Return ticket

Besides the round trip airfare provided for international staff to travel between his/her country of residence to his/her post at the beginning and end of the regular contract period, those with a one-year contract are entitled to an additional round-trip ticket to their country of residence, to be used between the 6th and the 7th month of mission.

Processing data of ACTED employees and potential staff

Anyone employed by or working for ACTED shall commit to act according to ACTED’s Code of Conduct, which outlines the expected behavior of ACTED teams.

To ensure that funds are used exclusively for humanitarian purposes and in accordance with donors’ compliance requirements, all job / internship / volunteering offers are subject to the condition that potential staff names do not appear on anti-terrorism lists, in line with ACTED’s anti-terrorism policy.

To this end, your data shall be automatically processed. In this framework, and in accordance with European regulations related to personal data protection, you have the right to access and rectify your personal information

You may exercise your rights by contacting ACTED, 33, rue Godot de Mauroy, 75009 Paris, France

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