Act for change

Act for change, Invest in potential

Those are the overall guiding principles of Acted human resources.

We believe in professionals, committed to our overall mission and mandate, willing to contribute to over 500 projects, dedicated to our 17,8 million beneficiaries in 42 countries, and making a difference in people’s lives.

For the past 30 years, we have been serving to support vulnerable populations all over the world, where it is needed, putting forward motivation and engagement while thinking outside of the box and acting for change.

We are known for

  • hardworking dynamic teams,
  • proactive and initiative-spirited,
  • fast-paced working environment,
  • committed staff with great team spirit,
  • responsible team,
  • eager to learn and improve practices, and go the extra mile,
  • towards achieving quality operations and impact in the field.

You would like to contribute to humanitarian action and can identify yourself with ACTED values and spirit?

We are looking for raw talents as well as experienced professionals!

Consider joining Acted teams to implement projects, facilitate operations, develop and improve our humanitarian impact.

Participate in the implementation of day-to-day operations and projects
Take on responsibilities in finance, logistics, compliance/audit, security and safety or HR
Contribute to the development of quality projects, the improvement of standards and the review of our operations
Evolve with Acted into coordination positions

We have many opportunities to offer: find out about our job offers
Start a career with Acted
Work towards shared goals and values.

Gender equality index

In accordance with the provisions of the French law of 5 September 2018 and the decree of 8 January 2019, each year, French companies and associations measure four indicators relating to professional equality between women and men, and publish their results.

In 2022, Acted achieved a score of 99/100 on the Gender Equality Index.

Here are Acted’s results on the four indicators to be calculated:

Pay gap (in %): 39/40
Gap in the distribution of individual pay rises: 35/35
Percentage of employees receiving a pay rise on return from maternity leave: 15/15
Number of employees of the under-represented gender in the 10 highest paid: 10/10

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