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ACTED continues to strengthen core programming in Kyrgyzstan

ACTED continues to engage across the organisation’s three core pillars: building population resilience in disaster-prone areas; increasing access to the legal system for the most marginalised communities; and leading inclusive and sustainable growth to reduce poverty in Kyrgyzstan. ACTED responded to the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake in Osh oblast by providing reconstruction materials and technical support in “Build Back Safer”. Kyrgyzstan is prone to natural disasters including earthquakes, while spring and late summer months are common for landslides, flooding and mudflows. ACTED continues to build on its previous interventions and strengthen local community capacities to prepare for and withstand natural disasters.


Beyond vulnerability to disasters, accessing the legal system in Kyrgyzstan can be restrictive and confusing for marginalised and remote rural populations. By engaging civil society organisations and media in holding duty bearers responsible for respecting the rule of law, ACTED improves access to justice for vulnerable populations, especially in rural communities. Finally, sustainable growth continues to be the largest programming sector in Kyrgyzstan’s predominantly rural agricultural economy, through capacity building in innovative climate-smart agricultural methods, rehabilitation of local infrastructures and support to on-farm value chains.

ACTED promotes inclusive sustainable growth, supported by district development planning

ACTED continues to foster inclusive sustainable growth within the country, by establishing value-added programming to support economic development in the poorest areas of Jalalabad and Batken oblasts through long-term district development planning. To foster inclusive economic growth, ACTED is supporting community planning with community stakeholders to engage in local development platforms, which have created district development plans. These plans combine social, economic and environmental objectives for the communities, in a cohesive and clear format.

ACTED increases access to rule of law for the most marginalised populations

The legal system in Kyrgyzstan can seem inaccessible for marginalised populations, whether they are limited by gender, ethnicity, age, disability or geographical location. ACTED and its partners continue to increase access for these groups, by providing free legal services, online innovative legal tools and engaging legal practitioners to advocate for practical improvements to the legal system. In 2016, over 5,300 marginalised people benefited from legal aid consultations. Particularly of note has been the high response of women (77% of beneficiaries accessing ACTED’s free legal aid) to access these legal services for support


Partners in 2016 :

Batken Rural Advisory Services (Batken RAS), Embassy of Switzerland in the Kyrgyz Republic, EuropeAid


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