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Internships at ACTED

ACTED considers its staff to be the most important resource. As such, ACTED interns enjoy exceptional support from the organisation with a wide range of benefits:


Living allowance

All ACTED interns receive a monthly living allowance to assist with cost of living in the country of assignment. ACTED covers the cost of food and free housing is provided  by the organisation’s guesthouses in each country of intervention.


Luggage allowance

A luggage allowance is provided for all staff. The amount is determined by contract length.


Health Coverage

ACTED provides all intern with a health coverage plan which includes illness, maternity, invalidity, hospitalisation, repatriation (for a medical emergency or decease of an immediate family member), as well as life insurance.


Rest and Recuperation (R&R)

ACTED grants R&R days for interns depending on hardship and security factors in his/her country of assignment. 


Return ticket

Besides the round trip airfare provided for interns to travel between his/her country of residence to his/her mission at the beginning and end of the regular contract period.