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Cultural Promotion

Intercultural Dialogue: Meeting and Understanding One Another

After years of conflict or serious crisis, the links between a population and its cultural heritage are weakened, even though the use of certain traditions may survive. The weakening of this connection is often accompanied by the loss of reference points and the capacity to plan for the future in an unstable environment. For this reason, ACTED supports, when possible, certain cultural initiatives considered essential for development at the national and community levels.

We strive to renew the links between the past, present and future, so that communities that are conscious of the wealth of their cultural heritage can build upon this wealth and consolidate their development efforts.

Heritage protection

If the context allows, ACTED carries out heritage conservation and rehabilitation activities, if the heritage in question has been damaged or suffers from a lack of maintenance due to the difficulties facing the communities that usually would take care of it.

The goal is to place these interventions within a long-term perspective wherein monuments, historical sites and cultural goods are part of a recognized common heritage that must be preserved.

These actions aim to restore continuity in the development efforts and open new opportunities for harmonious dialogue that valorises cultural diversity.

Promotion of cultural activities

ACTED also supports access to culture and dialogue by participating in the setting up of cultural centres in certain regions.

Four objectives are pursued through these centres:

  • Contributing to restoring a sense of confidence and pride by reviving cultural traditions that constitute a unique collective identity;
  • Supporting a democratic access to information, culture and education;
  • Encouraging the emergence of cultural and artistic talent by offering opportunities for expression in an open environment;
  • Responding to the socio-economic needs of vulnerable people by proposing training sessions in computers or languages.

The cultural centres supported by ACTED aim to be places of cultural exchange, openness and training for all.

Fair Trade and Eco-Tourism

The elaboration of sustainable solutions for development has led ACTED to initiate and encourage fair trade initiatives as a means to reinforce the economic capacities of its participants while also supporting the production of traditional handicrafts.

ACTED privileges fair trade and eco-tourism initiatives with the aim to stimulate the local economy. These initiatives were encouraged in areas where the economic activities and production were made more difficult due to harsh natural conditions (mainly mountainous zones).

ACTED supports fair trade and eco-tourism initiatives in isolated areas where exchanges are more difficult.

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