Peace, Stability and Justice

ACTED aims to prevent conflict, support post-conflict political stabilization and promote protective living environments by improving trust between and within communities, reducing risk of violence, preventing outbreak of conflict and promoting basic principles of the rule of law such as access to justice so that people are able to have their voice heard, exercise their rights, challenge discrimination or hold decision-makers accountable.


The standard activities under this thematic area include:

  • Development of conflict early warning systems, for example measurement and monitoring of a predetermined set of indicators to identify the potential for conflict by citizen groups;
  • Training communities to respond to emerging conflicts;
  • Supporting dialogue and peaceful interactions between communities in conflict, incl. people-to-people approach to build tolerance and trust (intra and inter-group dialogue sessions, sport competitions);
  • Conducting information campaigns and awareness raising to dispel rumors and promote change;
  • Provision of infrastructure and/or services to reduce sources of tension and conflict;
  • Municipal dialogue tables;
  • Legally literate citizens to seek redress for legitimate complaints and to use the justice system to safeguard their rights;
  • Empower civil society organizations to advocate for better access to justice, and bring representative cases on behalf of low income or disadvantaged groups.