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ACTED and its partner ALIMA are the only actors mobilised in the N’Gouri area since 2012, organising food markets and tackling severe acute malnutrition.

Keep on fighting food insecurity and moving towards development

In Chad since 2004, ACTED first provided assistance to returnees and refugees in the East of the country. In 2011, when the food security crisis broke out in the Sahel, ACTED opened new emergency food security programs in the affected areas in Chad. People there are still in early recovery after the 2010-2012 successive food crises. ACTED is committed to helping those people to recover while still in alert in the case of future crises (food, health, and emergency relief with refugee influx) as Chad remains a very vulnerable country. Currently ACTED implements programs in the regions of Batha, Lake and Sila close to the Sudan border.

Responding to food insecurity and the nutrition crisis in the Sahel region

A child affected by severely acute malnutrition receives treatment in the Lake region.  Still coping with the consequences of the 2010-2012 food crises, the population in the Sahel region is weakened and extremely vulnerable to climate hazards. To provide assistance to people in this complex context, ACTED combines short term food support programs to the most vulnerable during the lean period, and longer term programs to increase agricultural yields and help communities to build up their livelihoods. In 2013, ACTED implements food, cash and non-food item distributions while also distributing seeds and small ruminants to strengthen the capacities and livelihoods of the beneficiaries. With the same goal, ACTED also provides people with agricultural training and supports them in developing kitchen gardens to improve their food security. In the Lake region, ACTED is fighting against malnutrition with its health partner ALIMA, and through the implementation of school canteens.

Improving access to and supply of water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in the East

ACTED has been mobilised in the region of Sila since 2009. Building on its previous activities, a project was launched in this area in September 2012, aiming to develop and improve access and supply in WASH activities for internally displaced persons in the Sila region. With the progressive settling of these populations, new needs have arisen. With the construction of infrastructure which started in 2012, access to clean water is guaranteed year-round in the villages. Cleaning campaigns for solid waste and the construction of wash houses have also been carried out. The level of sanitation and hygiene is also improving, thanks to trainings on hygiene and sanitation best practices, the extension of WASH-related awareness campaigns and the approach of “Community-Led Total Sanitation”. The latter is a technique aiming to empower communities in terms of sanitation, by having the community to build their own latrines.

Promoting community development to strengthen resilience

ACTED notably distributed food, cash and food vouchers during the lean (“hunger”) period, to help populations provide for their most basic needs. Through its program implementation, ACTED involves communities at each stage so that beneficiaries become also actors of their own development. As such, ACTED implements a number of programs in the WASH sector through direct and constant participation of the beneficiaries. After many years of humanitarian interventions following food, climate and human crises, ACTED is today working with the people affected by those very crises to support them in strengthening their resilience capacities. These programs are implemented through support to and capacity building of early warning systems, and reinforced partnerships with the Chadian civil society organisations.

Partners in 2012:

Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA), European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department (ECHO), The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), World Food Programme (WFP), United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), EuropeAid, Comité Interministériel de l’aide alimentaire(CIAA)/Ambassade de France au Tchad.

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