Ukraine: Our actions in the country

Present in Ukraine since 2015 in response to the conflict in the Donbass, our teams are now mobilized throughout the country to support victims of the conflict. Update on our current mobilization locations and actions in Ukraine.


May 2022

Our actions in Ukraine: latest news

Where are our staff?

7.7 million people are currently displaced within Ukraine. Others stayed home but are also in need of humanitarian assistance. In order to respond to the needs of populations affected by the armed conflict, ACTED has rethought its geographical location in the country since the beginning of the conflict:

  • Our main office, located in Kyiv, was relocated to Lviv, in Western Ukraine
  • New operational bases were opened in Dnipro, Vinnytsia and Chernivsi
  • ACTED has developed partnerships with 28 Ukrainian civil society organizations in 12 regions of Ukraine


ACTED also opened a logistics hub in Rzeszów (Poland) and offices in Moldova and Romania.

What do we do?

7.7 million people are internally displaced; 5.9 million people are seeking refuge in neighboring countries and a total of 15 million people need humanitarian assistance.

Our teams work with local authorities, civil society actors, humanitarian organizations and 200 employees deployed to respond to the humanitarian emergency in Ukraine. Our missions vary according to the geographical areas where the needs are different.

ACTED helps the evacuation of civilians in Donetsk Oblast
ACTED teams are present by displaced populations' side in collective centres in Ukraine / credits Antoni Lallican
ACTED's teams get trucks ready for essential goods to be sent to populations inside Ukraine / Credits Paul Assaker

The mobilization of ACTED’s teams, of our partners along with your donations allowed our teams to set up in Ukraine:

  • The distribution of more than 27,000 hot meals in Lviv, Kharkiv, Vulhedar, Dobropilliya and Svyatohirsk
  • Distribution of basic necessities, including dry food, water, hygiene kits for adults and children, blankets, and other goods, in collective reception centers
  • Cash transfers granting subsidies to local self-help groups and associations
  • Evacuation of endangered populations in the eastern regions of Ukraine
  • Psychological support services
  • Crisis management training for local actors


Operation “Convoys for Ukraine”

Operation Convoys for Ukraine, launched by ACTED following the outbreak of the conflict, allows the delivery of a great number of essential goods to the victims of the conflict outside the borders but also inside Ukraine in cities that are difficult to access. ACTED is delivering goods to beneficiaries in almost-besieged cities such as Kharkiv, Kramatorsk and Donetsk.

Focus on the situation in Marioupol

Since the beginning of our activities in Ukraine, our teams have been present in Mariupol, in the Donbass region. Today, it has become difficult if not impossible to operate in the city where, for more than three weeks, the blockade and the bombardments have prevented the delivery of humanitarian aid, while, at the same time, the need for food and other essential goods is growing day after day.

In order to evacuate Mariupol but also other cities in Ukraine in the grip of the conflict and to bring essential goods to the victims, humanitarian corridors are negotiated. Once these corridors are opened, the challenge will be to organize them with people in charge of the various checkpoints on the way to the evacuation.

Between Marioupol and Zaporija, there are nearly 200 kilometers to cover and dozens of checkpoints. While two-thirds of the inhabitants have already left the city, 140,000 people are today potentially in need to be evacuated from Mariupol.

Maire-Pierre Caley, ACTED co-founder and CEO

Video: in a collective centre in Lviv, Ukraine

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