Ukraine: Our actions in and around the country

ACTED is present in Ukraine since 2015 in response to the conflict in the Donbas region. Since the large-scale military action in the country, ACTED’s teams are mobilised throughout Ukraine and neighbouring countries to support victims of the conflit. To date, 5.6 million people are displaced within Ukraine, 7.8 million people have had to flee across international borders, and many cannot or chose not to leave their homes. In total, 17.7 million urgently need humanitarian assistance.


January 2023

Our actions in Ukraine: latest news

Where are our staff?

To respond quickly and effectively to the needs of conflict-affected populations, ACTED has expanded its geographical presence in the country and established anchor points in neighbouring Romania, Moldova, and Poland.

  • Six new Ukraine field offices established in Chernivtsi, Dnipro, Kropyvnytski, Lviv, Odesa, and Vinnytsia
  • Head office in Kyiv re-operationalized in mid-April 2022
  • New offices and warehouses set up in in Poland, Moldova, and Romania

This operational configuration, in combination with ACTED’s growing partnership network of over 150+ Ukrainian civil society organisations and voluntary groups, enables our teams to cover oblasts in the North, South, Central, and West, as well as hard-to-reach and heavily conflict-affected areas in the Donbas.

To note: the three easternmost bases are currently not operational (update 27/06)

What do we do?

Our programmes and support teams, made up of 370 dedicated national and international staff, work directly with local authorities, civil society actors, volunteer groups, and other humanitarian organisations to deliver timely and relevant multisectoral assistance to individuals, households, and collective centres. Our projects vary according to needs in different locations.

tons of basic goods distributed to beneficiaries
partner organisations engaged
beneficiaries of multi-purpose cash assistance
food kits/parcels distributed
hot meals distributed
ACTED helps the evacuation of civilians in Donetsk Oblast
ACTED teams are present by displaced populations' side in collective centres in Ukraine / credits Antoni Lallican
ACTED's teams get trucks ready for essential goods to be sent to populations inside Ukraine / Credits Paul Assaker

Since 24 February 2022, ACTED and its partners have:

  • Distributed cash assistance to over 165,000 people
  • Supported the provision of hot meals for IDPs and conflict-affected residents in Lviv, Kharkiv, Kirovohrad, Donetsk, Luhansk, and more
  • Distributed basic necessities, including food staples, potable water, hygiene kits for adults, children, and people with special needs, blankets, pillows, and other goods, in collective and reception centers and in conflict-affected areas
  • Transferred cash grants directly to local CSOs, volunteer and self-help groups to enable the delivery of lifesaving and life-preserving aid
  • Offered capacity building opportunities to local organisations in humanitarian standards and distribution protocols, crisis management training, protection mainstreaming, gender and inclusion, etc.
  • Provided technical and material support to collective centres hosting IDPs, to ensure dignified, safe, and inclusive living conditions for IDPs
  • Facilitated the transportation of potable water, food, and non-food items donated by the French and Ukrainian publics into conflict-affected areas such as Kharkiv and Kherson
  • Donated civil protection and emergency preparedness equipment and provided capacity building opportunities to local authorities, including the State Emergency Services of Ukraine (SESU)


Operation “Convoys for Ukraine”

Operation Convoys for Ukraine, launched by ACTED following the outbreak of the conflict, allowed the delivery of more than 2,000 tonnes of essential goods to refugees outside Ukraine, as well as residents in hard-to-reach and heavily conflict-affected cities and towns inside Ukraine. Convoys for Ukraine has been made possible through the generosity of a wide range partners all over France and Ukraine, including businesses, universities, public institutions, sports clubs, media operations, individual citizens, and many more.

Video: in a collective centre in Lviv, Ukraine

In this collective center in #Lviv, ACTED teams support internally displaced people. Svitlana, an ACTED employee, talks about the events and how ACTED supports victims of conflict on a daily basis.
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