Humanitarian convoys for Ukraine live

06/07/2022 - Since early March 2022, 96 trucks have already set off from cities across France to bring essential goods to victims of the conflict in Ukraine: Follow their live itinerary

trucks already on their way to Ukraine
2,000+ tons
of basic necessities sent

The “Humanitarian Convoys for Ukraine” operation is on the move. To date, 96 trucks have already left from the cities of Paris, Reims, Toulon, Bergerac and Limoges with essential goods for the victims of the conflict in Ukraine. More trucks will leave in the coming days. In total, more than 1,000 tons of goods have been transported or are on the way to Ukraine, Moldova or Poland. They will reach our warehouses as close as possible to people in need of assistance, and will be distributed by our teams and network of partners on the ground.

This operation was made possible thanks to donations collected in partnership with local authorities, private partners, universities and other partners, and thanks to the mobilisation of citizens who donated hygiene kits, dry food, kitchen kits, first aid kits, new clothes, etc. Thanks to our logistical partners and the mobilisation of our teams and partners on the ground, the donations collected are transported and distributed to the most vulnerable conflict-affected people, internally displaced persons and refugees.

Goods collected from Parisians are prepared before being loaded in a truck leaving to Kiev © Jean-Baptiste Gurliat / Ville de Paris
In Reims, trucks drivers get prepared before heading off to Rzeszów, at the Poland-Ukraine border
Basic necessities collected through Parisians are unloaded to be placed in a train to Kyiv
In Rzeszów, at the Poland-Ukraine border, ACTED's team receive goods collected through a partnership with Stade de Reims

Kick-off of the operation thanks to a partnership with the City of Paris

On 11 March, the first truck left Paris for Warsaw, Poland. The truck arrived in Warsaw on 15 March, to be loaded on a train to Kyiv.

As a long-standing partner of ACTED, the City of Paris once again joined forces with ACTED to collect essential goods thanks to the solidarity of Parisians. The collected goods will reach Kyiv thanks to the logistical support of our partner Bolloré and the cooperation of the Polish and Ukrainian authorities.


Trucks leaving from Reims

On Monday 14th March, ACTED sent four truckloads of donations collected through a partnership with the Stade de Reims. More than 130 pallets of essential goods arrived on March 16th in Rzeszów, Poland, about 100 km from the border with Ukraine, where they will be distributed to refugee populations.

Trucks starting from Reims prepare for the road to Rzezow
Trucks sent in collaboration with the Stade de Reims arrived in Rzeszow

Trucks leaving from Bergerac

On Wednesday March 16th, a truck containing 27 pallets of essential donations set off from the city of Bergerac, an operation set up in partnership with the Mutualité française. The goods are on their way to Rzeszów where they will be received on March 21st in ACTED’s warehouses.

The truck leaving from Bergerac hits the road towards the border Poland-Ukraine with basic necessities collected through a partnership with La Mutualité Française

Trucks leaving from Limoges

On Thursday 18 March, a new “Convoys for Ukraine” truck set off from Limoges with donations of basic necessities. This operation, like the one in Bergerac, was set up in partnership with the Mutualité française. The goods are on their way to the city of Rzeszów and will be received by ACTED’s teams at the Polish-Ukrainian border.

The truck of "Convoys for Ukraine" is leaving Limoges and heading towards the city of Rzeszów
Basic necessities collected have been sorted and packaged, and are ready to be sent to victims of the conflict

Trucks leaving from Nevers

On Thursday 17 March, a “Convoy for Ukraine” truck left Nevers bringing 33 pallets of essential goods to the victims of the conflict in Ukraine. The donations were collected in the Nièvre department thanks to a partnership set up with the Nièvre Departmental Council and Bolloré Transport et Logistique, which is in charge of the transport. The goods arrived on March 21st in the city of Rzeszów and were received by ACTED’s teams on site at the Polish-Ukrainian border, in order to be transported to the most vulnerable populations.

New trucks leaving from Bergerac and Limoges

Thursday March 17th also marked the shipment of new trucks financed by the Mutualité Française, from the cities of Limoges and Bergerac. These trucks arrived in the warehouses of Rzeszów on Monday 21st March and were welcomed by ACTED teams. The donations will then be sent to the populations affected by the conflict in the territories of Ukraine where ACTED is present.

Departure of 15 semi-trailers with the Département des Yvelines

The week of March 28 to April 1 marked the shipment of 15 semi-trailers to Ukraine. These trailers include essential goods sent via a partnership with the Yvelines department and collected through it. The trucks left Montigny-le-Bretonneux and arrived in Rzezsow a few days later where the goods will be transported to the victims of the conflict in and around Ukraine.

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