Ukraine Emergency

Ukraine: How you can help

Immediate support is essential to save and preserve the lives of victims of the conflict in Ukraine. Citizens, universities, private actors, municipalities, all can contribute by supporting our humanitarian convoy operation for Ukraine.

ACTED is calling for mobilization to support both its “ACTED Convoys for Ukraine” operation, which brings essential goods to conflict zones and areas hosting IDPs, and its humanitarian operations inside Ukraine.

How can you mobilize by our side?


  • Make an in kind donation: find out here how you can participate in the collections organized throughout France for the victims of the conflict in Ukraine

The number of people in need is staggering: 6.5 million people are internally displaced; 3.5 million people are seeking refuge in neighboring countries; 12 million people need humanitarian assistance.

Present in Ukraine since 2015, ACTED quickly mobilized its 150 staff and networks of local partners across the country. Your donations help us provide four types of essential humanitarian assistance:

  • In key IDP host areas in Ukraine, ACTED is assisting IDPs and host families by scaling up cash transfers, providing grants to local associations across Ukraine, and delivering essential services at reception centers
  • In conflict-affected areas, ACTED is pre-positioning and distributing essential food and non-food items from a network of warehouses, in part supplied by Operation Humanitarian Convoys for Ukraine.
  • In Romania, Moldova and Poland, ACTED provides humanitarian assistance to refugees, in close coordination with national authorities, UN agencies and local civil society actors, combining immediate financial assistance, provision of basic necessities and safe transportation and accommodation for those seeking refuge.
  • At border crossings and in border areas on the Ukrainian side, ACTED maintains a capacity to assist with future waves of refugees and distribute hot meals and Non-Food Items (NFIs), in particular blankets and hygiene products.

Spread our appeal!

You can also help us by relaying as much as possible our call and our actions: share our content on social networks, join our community on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, and help us to strengthen more and more this societal solidarity movement for Ukraine!

ACTED helps evacuating populations in the region of Donetsk
Our teams receive goods sent through operation "Convoys for Ukraine" in Rzeszow, Poland
ACTED teams distribute hot meals in a collective center in Eastern Ukraine

What we do on the field

ACTED's DNA is to act until the last mile. Today, we have three priorities: the people in the near besieged cities, the displaced people in Western Ukraine, and the refugees in the neighbouring countries.

Marie-Pierre Caley, ACTED's CEO and co-founder